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Accident Claim for Slipping on Cooking Oil in Morrisons

Am I eligible to claim for slipping on cooking oil in Morrisons? I was recently left hospitalised after slipping on cooking oil on a trip to Morrisons supermarket and am eager to recoup the cost of my treatment.

You may be able to pursue an accident claim for slipping on cooking oil in Morrisons supermarket if someone other than yourself was at least partly at fault for your accident. Supermarkets have a duty of care toward their customers, and although their duty is not “absolute”, proving that they failed in it is a key factor of being able to pursue a successful claim for compensation. If you can prove that the supermarket, whether it is a member of management or staff, caused or contributed to your accident, you may be entitled to pursue a claim to recoup the cost of your medical bills.

In order to be able to claim for compensation you will have to issue the supermarket with a Letter of Claim containing (if feasible) all of the evidence you have collected to support your case; hiring an experienced personal injury claims solicitor will allow you to compose the best Letter of Claim possible. Along with the medical report of your injuries received from the hospital you should include any witness statements from fellow shoppers who saw the accident happen, CCTV evidence, photos of the scene and your injuries and if you managed to write one, a submission to the supermarket’s Accident Report Book.

Once you have sent the letter the Supermarket has 21 days in which to acknowledge receipt and a further 90 days in which to decide whether or not to admit liability. If it does admit liability your solicitor will open negotiations with its public liability insurers immediately. If not, your solicitor will issue court proceedings.

As cooking oil is often clear or a pale yellow in colour, spills can often be invisible to the naked eye. Its slick, greasy texture means that you are more likely to experience a fall than you would if you slipped on say, water or a fruit skin. Added to that, it can often be difficult to clean and even a hefty effort to remove it may not mean complete success as residue often remains behind even after the bulk of the liquid has been cleared.

Pursing compensation from a supermarket can be difficult and stressful, particularly if the injury which you suffered on their premises is hindering your ability to perform day-to-day activities. Hiring an experienced personal injury claims solicitor to assist you in pursuing an accident claim for slipping on cooking oil in Morrisons will not only give you the best chance of success, it will ensure that the majority of the legwork is done by a trained professional with your interests at heart.