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Accident in Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC

Accidents and Injuries in KFC

An accident in Kentucky Fried Chicken can happen to a customer or a member of staff at any time. A slip on spilled food in KFC, burns acquired in the kitchen and from hot food or drink can cause serious injuries from which it may take years to recover. Salmonella, listeria or other types of food poisoning from the unhygienic storage or preparation of food can also result in a significant injury, while staff may suffer psychological injuries due to harassment from their managers, colleagues or abusive members of the public.

Inasmuch as accidents and injuries can occur in KFC – as in any other fast food restaurant – for a variety of reasons, you are only entitled to compensation for a KFC accident if the injury was sustained due to the negligence of somebody who owed you a duty of care. Most frequently this is the franchise owner, but as you will see below, there are some circumstances when a different third party may be liable for Kentucky Fried Chicken injury compensation.

Making Health a Priority above KFC Injury Compensation

Irrespective of the nature of your accident in Kentucky Fried Chicken, your first priority has to be that of your health. All KFC´s have a First Aid facility, and the person in charge of the shift has to have First Aid training. However, receiving First Aid is no substitute for a professional medical examination and, whenever you have sustained an injury in Kentucky Fried Chicken, you should go straight to the accident and emergency department of your local hospital or make an emergency appointment to see your GP.

In addition to providing a professional assessment of your injuries and administering treatment, injuries from an accident in Kentucky Fried Chicken will be recorded in your medical notes – essential evidence that will be required to compile a claim for Kentucky Fried Chicken injury compensation. Should you fail to seek immediate medical assistance, it could be claimed that you exacerbated your injury by your own lack of care or that your injury was not even due to an accident in KFC.

Establishing Negligence for an Accident in KFC

There are four areas in which negligence for an accident in KFC can most often be identified – risk assessment, training, the provision of personal protective equipment and supervision. Many employees who work in a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise are young, with little work experience and in need of regular monitoring. Any deficiency in these four main areas which leads to accidents and injuries in KFC can be attributed to the franchisee and make him or her liable in a claim for Kentucky Fried Chicken injury compensation.

All Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants in the UK have to be fitted with closed circuit TV and panic buttons to fulfil their licensing requirements. Usually the evidence extracted from CCTVs will be sufficient to establish negligence for an accident in Kentucky Fried Chicken – whether the injury was attributable to the actions of a member of staff or a customer. Where a customer is responsible for injuries in KFC to a member of staff, it is often the case that a claim for KFC injury compensation will be made against the individual rather than the employer; although you will have to file charges against the individual for criminal assault and assist the police with prosecuting the offender.

Supporting a Claim for KFC Injury Compensation

There are also a number of other procedures which should be completed to support a claim for Kentucky Fried Chicken injury compensation. An injury sustained for any other reason than criminal assault should be entered into the shop´s “Accident Report Book”. If an injury in KFC has been sustained due to food poisoning, a report should also be made to the local council environmental health department and if a member of staff sustains an injury in KFC which prevents them from working for more than seven days, the accident in KFC should also be reported to the Health Service Executive.

Although CCTV can provide useful evidence of negligence in a claim for an accident in Kentucky Fried Chicken, do not wholly rely on the security tape to support your claim for KFC injury compensation. Wherever possible take your own photographs of the cause of your accident in KFC and collect the names of other customers and/or KFC employees who may have witnessed your accident in Kentucky Fried Chicken. Inasmuch as supporting a claim for KFC injury compensation is important, it should not overrule making your health your initial priority.

How Much Compensation for Accident in KFC?

How much compensation for an accident in KFC you may be entitled to will depend on the severity and extent of your injuries in relation to your age, gender and general state of health before the accident happened. A solicitor compiling a claim for KFC accident compensation on your behalf would also take into account the effect that the injury in Kentucky Fried Chicken has had on your quality of life including any financial costs and losses directly attributable to the injury.

No two compensation claims for accident in KFC are identical – even when the injuries sustained are the same – and it is recommended that you always use a solicitor when making a claim for accident in KFC compensation to ensure you receive the maximum entitlement to compensation. Most solicitors will offer a free initial assessment of an accident in KFC compensation claim and, should your claim be sufficiently strong, many will offer legal representation on a “No Win, No Fee” basis. This is usually the most cost effective way to pursue compensation for an accident in Kentucky Fried Chicken.

KFC Accident Compensation and Insurance Companies

Unless your accident in Kentucky Fried Chicken was due to criminal assault, you may be approached directly by the KFC franchisee´s insurance company with an offer of KFC accident compensation. Offers such as these – although welcome at a time when you may be concerned about your short-term finances – rarely reflect the true value of the Kentucky Fried Chicken injury compensation to which you may be entitled and should be immediately referred to your solicitor.

Your solicitor will enter into negotiations with the insurance company to attain a more realistic KFC injury compensation settlement without – wherever possible – the need to litigate your claim for an accident in Kentucky Fried Chicken in court. If short-term finances are an issue for you, and negotiations are dragging on, your solicitor can apply to the court for interim payments of KFC accident injury compensation to be paid to you until a final settlement is reached.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Accident Injury Compensation Summary

As with any accident in a car, at work or when walking down the street, if you sustain an injury in an accident in Kentucky Fried Chicken for which you were not wholly to blame; you should be entitled to make a claim for Kentucky Fried Chicken accident injury compensation. There are a number of procedures and pitfalls you need to be aware of when making your claim to make sure that you receive your full entitlement to compensation for an accident in KFC, and this is why your claim is best prepared with the assistance of an experienced personal injury solicitor.

Although no amount of compensation can ever replace a permanent injury or disfigurement, it costs nothing to find out whether you have a claim for KFC accident compensation which is worth your while to pursue or have a free assessment of how much compensation for accident in KFC you could be entitled to receive. It is advisable to speak with a solicitor at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure that CCTV security footage is not erased and before the memories of witnesses to your accident in KFC begin to fade – however not until you have received a professional medical examination of your injuries.