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Claim for an Allergic Reaction to Spa Treatment

I recently went to a spa for some rest and relaxation however I subsequently suffered an adverse reaction to the treatment, am I entitled to make a compensation claim for an allergic reaction to spa treatment?

Before you consider pursuing a compensation claim, you must first ask who is to blame for your injury, were you aware of any underlying allergies you may have had and did staff inform you of the products they were using in your treatment?

These factors along with the severity of your injuries and the impact they have on your personal life will affect any compensation claim for an allergic reaction to spa treatment.

It is important you seek professional medical care in the immediate aftermath of your adverse reaction. Your first priority should always be your health after an accident, not only will it limit the effect of any potential long-term injury by seeking care without delay, but it will also ensure that a record of your injury is made in your medical history which can then be used to support a potential compensation claim.

Photographs should be taken of your injuries and the contact details of any witnesses gathered once you have received the necessary care, as they may be able to substantiate any compensation claim.

You should also make a note of your injury in the business’ ‘Accident Report Book’ and retain a copy for yourself. Once this note is made, the salon may have to inform their insurance company about the accident as it is likely to be stipulated in their insurance policy. Thereafter, you may be approached with a direct or early offer of compensation for having slipped in a beauty salon from the insurance company.

Direct offers of compensation usually come soon after the incident occurs often when you are at your most vulnerable. Although it can be tempting to accept an offer of compensation up front, you are advised not to, as you risk being undercompensated for your injuries. Instead, you should refer any direct offers of compensation to a personal injury claims solicitor. They will be able to evaluate your compensation claim and determine if the offer made by the insurance company is reasonable. They will then advise you on the best course of action to take.

You should also be aware that you may be able include emotional trauma in your claim if you suffer anxiety or depression as a result of your injury or its impact on your personal life, however a psychologist must verify your trauma first before you can claim for it.

There are other factors you must consider if you intend to make a compensation claim for an allergic reaction to spa treatment which is why it is advised that you contact a personal injury claims solicitor without delay as they will be able to determine if it is worthwhile seeking compensation for your injury.