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Compensation for Blistering Following Laser Hair Removal

I suffered painful blisters to my legs after a hair removal treatment went wrong, am I entitled to claim for blistering following a laser hair removal?

The circumstances surrounding your injury and the impact it has on your life are factors that will determine your eligibility to seek compensation for blistering following laser hair removal. Before you had the procedure it is likely you were warned about possible dangers such as mild irritation to your skin however burns to your skin would suggest that something has gone wrong with the procedure and you may be eligible to claim compensation for blistering following laser hair removal.

The technician may have carried out the procedure incorrectly or may not be trained adequately, they may also have failed to carry out a thorough consultation to determine your eligibility for this treatment, if you believe any of these were a factor in your accident, you may be able to claim for a blistering injury.

Your first priority in the immediate aftermath of an accident should always be your health; seeking professional medical attention as soon as possible will ensure the severity of your injury is limited. It also means there will be a record of your injury contained in your medical history which will be useful if you intend to claim compensation for a hair removal injury.

It is worth bearing in mind that a successful claim for a blistering injury will usually contain substantial evidence, a personal injury solicitor will be able to advise you on this in greater detail but it is recommended that you take photographs of the burn and of the machine which caused your injury if possible.

When you have received professional medical attention, you are advised to record your injury in the business’ ‘Accident Report Book’ and also retain a copy for yourself. Once the record is made, the company may have to inform their insurance company about the accident as this is likely to be stipulated in their insurance policy.

Often the insurance company will approach you with a direct offer of compensation if it believes itself to be liable for your injuries. It is important that you consult a personal injury solicitor about any direct offer you receive. This is due to the fact that the full value of your compensation claim will not yet be known and by accepting a direct offer of compensation, you risk being undercompensated for your injury and you cannot go back and ask for more.

If you intend to claim compensation for a hair removal injury any potential offer to a personal injury solicitor it will ensure you can make an informed decision about claiming compensation for blistering following laser hair removal.