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Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis

I believe that I have recently been the victim of a breast cancer misdiagnosis. Please can you tell me how to claim breast cancer misdiagnosis compensation?

A breast cancer misdiagnosis can have serious consequences, and while breast cancer may still be recognised in time to be treated following a misdiagnosis, the nature of treatment often becomes far more serious. An early diagnosis of breast cancer makes it possible to undergo relatively minor surgery to remove the lump, yet a delay in diagnosis can see both the affected breast and the lymph nodes having to be removed.

Breast cancer is most common in the over 50 age range, yet women under this age can also suffer from breast cancer. It is younger women who are most at risk of a breast cancer misdiagnosis, when a doctor does not suspect breast cancer due to the age of the patient.

A breast cancer misdiagnosis will result in a delay in treatment, and may mean that the cancer spreads to other organs, making treatment far more complicated and risky. If pain and suffering has increased as a result, or more aggressive treatment methods called for, or if the misdiagnosis has meant that effective treatment is no longer possible, it may be possible to claim breast cancer misdiagnosis compensation.

If a breast cancer misdiagnosis has resulted in you being told that you have breast cancer when you do not – although this is far better physical outcome than the reverse scenario – it can cause psychological problems which can also be the basis of a breast cancer misdiagnosis compensation claim.

A solicitor specialising in breast cancer misdiagnosis compensation claims will take a look at your case and review your medical records. A panel of experts will be consulted and presented with your medical records and symptoms and then, based on the circumstances at the time of your diagnosis, will decide whether a breast cancer misdiagnosis was negligent or that under the circumstances no competent doctor would have been expected to diagnose breast cancer.

If a biopsy of a lump in the breast has not been offered, and breast cancer has deteriorated as a result, you could have a case which could see you compensated for the pain and suffering caused. If a biopsy has been arranged, and there has been a delay in obtaining results, or an error has been made in the interpretation of the test results, this is classed as medical negligence and you should consult a medical negligence solicitor for advice on making a claim for breast cancer misdiagnosis compensation.