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Burned by Hot Coffee in Caffe Ritazza

My nine-year-old daughter’s face was burned by hot coffee in Caffe Ritazza when someone knocked over a tray a waitress was carrying, can she make a claim?

You may be able to make a claim for when your daughter was burned by hot coffee in Caffe Ritazza, but she will not be able to make a claim on her own behalf. This is due to the fact that at nine years old she is still a minor and is not permitted by law to initiate a claim or to advise a solicitor. However you or another legal guardian, without a conflict of interest, may be able to pursue a claim on her behalf.

If it is preferable for your daughter to make a claim for Caffe Ritazza coffee burn injury compensation on her own behalf, this still could be an option as the UK Statute of Limitations for personal injury claims applies a little differently when it comes to injuries sustained by children. The Statute of Limitations was established in 1980 in order to ensure that claims for compensation were made soon after an accident injury occurred and so that those who could be deemed negligent would not have to constantly fear litigation. The limit imposed by the Statute is three years which generally begins on the day an injury is sustained. However, in the case of a child injury the three-year time limit does not begin until a child turns eighteen.

In the meantime there are numerous things you could do in order to strengthen your Caffe Ritazza burn injury compensation claim. Professional medical attention should have been sought immediately as no amount of compensation for being burned by hot coffee in Caffe Ritazza would be worth the lifelong scars that could result from such an injury. This would also ensure that the date on which your daughter’s burn injury was sustained would be recorded in her medical history. If possible you should try to gather witness statements from anyone who was around when the accident occurred, such as staff members and other customers. If you haven’t already you should make a detailed report in Caffe Ritazza’s “Accident Report Book” including as much detail as you can remember and making sure to retain a copy. You can present any evidence you have been able to compile to your solicitor at a later stage which will help them in evaluating your daughter’s claim.

The only way of knowing if a possible Caffe Ritazza burn injury compensation claim is viable is by contacting a personal injury claims solicitor with experience in child injury compensation as soon as it is convenient. You should inform them of the specific circumstances of the accident in which your daughter’s Caffe Ritazza coffee burn injury was sustained and the severity of her injury. Even though you may want to wait until she turns eighteen for her to make the claim on her own account, it is still important to determine whether or not she has a claim that is worth pursuing. If the solicitor believes it has sufficient strength, they may offer legal representation to your daughter for when she was burned by hot coffee in Caffe Ritazza.