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Compensation Claim for a Cow Bite

A bone in my hand was crushed by a cow on the farm where I am employed. What is the procedure for making a compensation claim for a cow bite?

A compensation claim for a cow bite is generally very similar to any other work injury claim. To successfully claim cow bite compensation you will first need to demonstrate that the third party responsible for your safety, failed to provide you with a duty of care. This could be through a lack of training or a failure to provide you with the necessary equipment to ensure your safety while at work.

However it is also possible that the animal lashed out unexpectedly or that you contributed to the incident in some way through your own negligence. If it is deemed that contributory negligence is a factor in your compensation claim, the value of your compensation claim for a cow bite could be adversely affected.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you speak with a personal injury solicitor as they will be able to advise — based on the circumstances surrounding your injury — whether it is worthwhile pursuing compensation for a work injury from a cow bite.

If you decide to claim cow bite compensation, your solicitor will require you to gather evidence to support your claim and when that is done, they will draft and send a letter of claim to your employer’s insurance company advising that you intend to seek compensation for your injury. The insurers then have 21 days to acknowledge receipt of the letter and a further 90 days to indicate whether they accept liability for the accident.

If the insurers accept responsibility, your solicitor will enter into negotiations with them to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to for a work injury from a cow bite. However if responsibility is denied by the third party, your solicitor will initiate court proceedings subject to your approval. Please be aware that this does not mean your compensation claim for a cow bite will end up in a courtroom as it is quite common for insurance companies to agree to a settlement when a personal injury solicitor initiates court proceedings.