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Claim for a Cut on a Hand from Box Cutters

Is it possible to claim for a cut on a hand from box cutters? I was recently accidentally stabbed in the thigh by a colleague and am eager to pursue compensation. Although my colleague did not mean to stab me, I am not able to afford my medical bills and need to recover the cost.

You may be able to pursue a claim for a cut on a hand if you can prove that negligence on the part of your employer was the reason for, or at least contributed, to your accident. Although it was a colleague who inflicted the injury, your employer is the one with a duty of care toward you and your fellow employees, meaning that he may be able to be held liable for an accident which occurs while you are working.

It is understandable that you might be apprehensive about claiming for compensation given that you may enjoy your job and may be friendly with some of your co-workers or your employer, however you should bear in mind that a claim for a cut on a hand from box cutters is made against your employer’s insurance company and not your employer or any of your colleagues. You should also know that the law is very strict about persons returning to work after pursuing a claim against their employer, stating that no repercussions can be borne as a result of claiming for injury from box cutter damages.

If you believe that your employer has failed in their duty of care toward you by providing unsuitable box cutters or failing to provide the proper training for using them, you may be entitled to pursue a box cutters accident compensation claim. The Health and Safety at Work 1974 Act states that employers must take measures to ensure that their employees have a safe environment in which to work, and are provided with all of the training need to carry out their job.

In order to learn more about your entitlement to compensation, speak with an experienced personal injury claims solicitor at the first available opportunity. As you mentioned in your question that you need to pursue compensation as you cannot afford to pay your medical bills, you should note that many solicitors in the UK now provide a free initial consultation to potential claimants. To learn more about your claim for a cut on a hand from box cutters, speak with a solicitor at the first available opportunity.