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Claim for a Heavy Lifting Injury in a Factory

Am I eligible to claim for a heavy lifting injury in a factory? I recently suffered a back injury after attempting to lift a sofa from the back of a truck. Since then I have been bed-ridden, and although my doctor expects me to be active again within weeks, I still believe I am eligible to claim for compensation.

You may be eligible to claim for a heavy lifting injury in a factory if you are able to prove that your employer’s negligence was the reason for your accident. Employers have a duty of care toward their employees, meaning that they are obliged to take measures to ensure their safety while at the workplace.

Most industrial jobs — even those which involve only limited physical labour — require some degree of manual handling training, and if your employer has not provided the appropriate training, you may be eligible to pursue a claim for compensation.

While some manual handling accidents can be attributed to a lack of training, others are caused by an absence of proper equipment. If you were instructed to perform a manual handling operation due to the absence of a dolly or other piece of equipment which would normally have been required to complete the task, you may be entitled to claim compensation for a factory lifting injury.

You should note that if you have been administered with the correct manual handling training, you may have to forfeit a portion of your award to represent that there was some contributory negligence on your part in your heavy lifting work injury.

In order to learn whether or not you are entitled to claim for compensation, you should speak with an experienced personal injury solicitor at the first available opportunity. If your solicitor believes that you are entitled to claim for compensation, you may be able to receive remuneration for missing out on work (if you have not been afforded sick pay) and a payment for the loss of amenity you have suffered while being bed-ridden. Back injuries can be among the most painful and debilitating work injuries, and can often require workers to take long leaves of absence; the possibility of the injury surfacing again may also have to be considered.

Pursuing a claim for a heavy lifting injury can be a complex and stressful procedure, and is not something you should attempt to handle alone, especially given the nature of your injury. Speaking with a personal injury claims solicitor will allow you not only to have the best chance of success with your claim for a heavy lifting injury in a factory, but will also allow you to recuperate while an experienced professional handles your claim.