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Claim for Being Electrocuted on Construction Project

Who is liable for my claim for being electrocuted on construction project? I was operating a buzzsaw when it malfunctioned, leaving me with severe burns on my hands and with limited functionality. Can I claim compensation?

Your eligibility to make a claim for being electrocuted on construction project will depend on whether a third party was responsible for your injuries. All employers have a duty of care that requires them to provide a safe environment in which to work. Should they fail in this duty, they will be determined to have been negligent, making them liable for any compensation claim for an injury.

It is important to remember that regardless of whether your employer had prior knowledge of the malfunctioning equipment, they may still be liable for any injury compensation provided that you did not contribute to your own injuries. This is due to the fact that your employer must ensure that all equipment in the workplace is inspected regularly in order to confirm that they are functioning safely.

You should be prepared for the possibility that contributory negligence could affect your claim for being electrocuted on construction project. This may be the case if you were aware that the buzzsaw was malfunctioning but you neglected to make a report, or if you were offered safety equipment but you failed to utilise it. It is also possible that failure to seek immediate medical attention can worsen your injuries, making you, in part, negligent. In these scenarios you may still be eligible to compensation — however the amount that may be rewarded can be reduced as a result.

The procedure for making a claim for being electrocuted on construction project can become more difficult if the buzzsaw that caused your injury was disposed of after your accident occurred. As key evidence is no longer available, your claim may be hard to substantiate. However if the buzzsaw was merely withdrawn or repaired following your injury, it may be easier to verify the cause of your injury.

Only after seeking medical attention immediately after your accident should you consider making a compensation claim. A personal injury solicitor should be contacted in order to verify the strength of your claim and advise on whether it is worth pursuing. A solicitor can also help gather the evidence necessary in order to support your claim such as medical records, accident reports and testimony from co-workers who witnessed your accident, amongst others. It is important to note that compiling evidence may take some time and your employer may challenge your claim to compensation. A time limit of three years exists in which to make a claim for being electrocuted on construction project, and if you believe you have a valid claim you are advised to consult a personal injury solicitor at the earliest opportunity.