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Claim for being hit by a Golf Ball

While out playing golf a couple of months ago I was struck in the eye by a stray golf ball, it caused a lot of damage and my vision has been blurred ever since. Am I eligible to make a compensation claim for being hit by a golf ball?

The circumstances surrounding the accident, the extent of your injuries and the impact it has on your personal life are all factors that can affect your eligibility to claim for being hit by a golf ball.

The golf course and other players have a duty of care to you, if you can demonstrate that they failed in their duty of care, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

This duty of care may have been breached if the negligent party played a dangerous shot or if the golf course had no signs warning to be aware of stray golf balls. Compensation claims of this nature can be complex therefore it is best advised that you speak with a personal injury claims solicitor as soon as possible.

It is probable that if you are making a claim for being hit by a golf ball, you could be claiming against two parties, the negligent golfer and the golf course. In this instance the contributory negligence of each party will have to be determined, contributory negligence refers to the level of responsibility each party had in causing the accident. Consequently, if the golfer is found to have been 70 per cent liable for your injury and the golf course is 30 per cent then that determines how much of the total compensation awarded each negligent party will be liable for.

No two claims are the same and there are many external factors such as age, sex and state of your health prior to the accident that can affect the amount of compensation you are entitled to claim for being hit by a golf ball, your personal injury solicitor will be able to evaluate the potential compensation you may be entitled to, taking all these factors into account.