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Claim for Breaking an Arm in a Fall in Morrisons

How much is awarded for a claim for breaking an arm in a fall in Morrisons? I was recently the victim of an accident in Morrisons and am now considering pursuing compensation. My solicitor believes that I am entitled to pursue a claim although we have not yet discussed how much compensation may be awarded.

In order to find out how much you could be awarded for your claim for breaking an arm in a fall in Morrisons, you should speak with your solicitor again, and describe the particulars of your claim to him in detail. It is impossible to judge how much compensation you may be awarded without knowing more about the details of your case.

A claim for breaking an arm in a fall in Morrisons may yield a substantial award given the painful and debilitating nature of the injury. Your solicitor’s first step will be to assess how much general damages you might be awarded — the portion of the settlement dedicated to compensating an accident victim for their pain and suffering. He will do this by consulting the Guidelines for Assessing General Damages in Personal Injury Cases and by taking into account the nature and severity of your injury, your age, sex and previous physical condition.

Once this has been established, your solicitor will factor in any loss of amenity — the inability to perform day-to-day activities or participate in social events — you have suffered. In order to maximise your loss of amenity payment, which could be significant given the nature of your injury, you should keep a diary detailing your daily life while incapacitated by your broken leg, and note any social events or occasions which you missed out on because of the injury sustained in a shop.
You may also be able to be compensated for any psychological trauma inflicted by your injury in Morrisons, although this will have to be quantified by a qualified psychologist first.

Once your solicitor has ascertained how much you may be awarded as part of your general damages package, they will assess special damages, the part of the settlement which compensates accident victims for the quantifiable damages which have been incurred as a result of their injury. This can include lost earnings, the cost of medical treatment, and the price of alternative transport, or in more extreme cases, home alterations.

The amount of compensation you could receive can vary wildly depending on the nature of your injury, its effect on your lifestyle and the quantifiable losses you incur as a result of it. In order to get a more accurate assessment of how much compensation you could be awarded for your claim for breaking an arm in a fall in Morrisons, speak with a solicitor at the first possible opportunity.