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Claim for Bruising from Slipping in Morrisons

Am I entitled to claim for bruising from slipping in Morrisons? I recently slipped on a wet floor in Morrisons, suffering bruising to my knees and forearm. Although there were wet floor signs erected, I believe that they were not adequately placed and that I am entitled to claim for compensation.

You may be entitled to claim for bruising from slipping in Morrisons, although the chance of your claim being successful is reliant on a number of factors. Firstly, you will have to prove that your injuries are severe enough to warrant a claim. It is not enough to simply have been injured in a supermarket, even if, as you pointed out, the wet floor signs were not adequately placed to prevent an accident. Simple scrapes and bruises are often not enough to base a claim on, and evidence that the injury was severe enough to require treatment will be needed.

The supermarket management will request a copy of the medical report compiled after your accident. For this reason, it is essential that you are equipped with the appropriate paperwork. Immediately after your accident, you should have had a member of staff or a friend summon an ambulance for you. A visit to the nearest hospital’s Accident and Emergency room should have been your first priority.

Backing up your claim for bruising from slipping in Morrisons will require additional evidence. As bruising can often subside quickly, photographic evidence of your injuries is key. If possible, CCTV evidence and witness statements should also be gathered.

If the bruising is severe enough to enable you to qualify to claim for compensation, there is a chance that the supermarket might recognise this, and pre-emptively offer you an unsolicited offer of compensation. If an offer of this kind is received it should be immediately referred to your solicitor who will be able to tell you whether it reflects your entitlement or whether you could be awarded more by pursuing the claim further.

Unsolicited offers of compensation often do not reflect a claimant’s true and entitlement and are based on a guess by the public liability insurance company representing Morrisons. Claimants who accept unsolicited offers of compensation without first speaking with a solicitor may be in danger of being undercompensated, and as all settlements are final, there will be no room to return to negotiations should more compensation by required.

In order to receive advice on what to do if you are approached with an unsolicited offer of compensation you should contact an experienced personal injury claims solicitor at the first available opportunity. Aside from being able to tell you whether or not you are entitled to compensation, a solicitor may be able to provide you with an estimate of how much you could be awarded for your claim for bruising from slipping in Morrisons and what your chances of success are.