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Claim for Concussion at Work

I would like to claim for concussion at work but I am worried the injury will be trivialised. Should I proceed?

Provided you can demonstrate that a negligent third party is responsible for your accident, you should pursue a claim for concussion at work.

Your neck stiffness injury could affect your long-term health if it is not treated in the correct manner, thus your first priority should be your health. You should seek professional medical attention if you have not done so already. Frequent headache or migraines could be a sign that you suffered concussion.

When you have received treatment and your injury has been recorded in your medical history by a doctor, it is recommended that you have your claim for concussion compensation reviewed by a personal injury solicitor. It is likely that an experienced personal injury solicitor will have dealt with a similar claim for compensation for a concussion injury before and will be able to advise if it is worth your while seeking compensation. The majority of solicitors in the UK also offer a free consultation service for potential claims therefore you will not be under any financial obligation to a personal injury solicitor to have your claim assessed.

Of course it is possible that you may be approached with a direct offer of compensation by the negligent party’s insurers for your claim for concussion at work. An insurance company will always seek to limit the amount of compensation they have to pay out in compensation for a concussion injury therefore will seek to tempt accident victims with an upfront offer of compensation in return for an immediate settlement.

It is important that you refer all such offers to a personal injury solicitor first. They will be able to evaluate the potential amount of compensation you may be entitled to claim for concussion compensation and therefore you will be able to determine if it would be wise to accept the insurance company’s offer.

Even if you are worried about your short-term financial position you should still refer such an offer to your solicitor as they may be able to negotiate short-term interim payments on your behalf until your claim is satisfactorily resolved.

Despite the potential pitfalls, an early offer of compensation should be welcomed as it allows your solicitor to enter into negotiations with the insurance company to help you achieve the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to claim for concussion at work.