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Claim for Cutting Hand on a Shelf in a Shop

How can I make a compensation claim for cutting hand on a shelf in a shop if the shelf has been removed? I recently returned to the shop to get photographic evidence, but the shelf was replaced. How can I gather evidence?

Even if key evidence for your claim for cutting hand on a shelf in a shop has been removed, it should still be possible to gather evidence of your injury. Photographic evidence is certainly useful when supporting your claim, as it often clearly shows the negligence of the third party in question. However there are other ways in which your claim may be supported with evidence. It is likely that soon after the accident has occurred, the shop removed the damaged shelf in order to prevent a further accident or injury from taking place. This does not mean that the shelf has been disposed of or destroyed, and photographic evidence may still be possible. However other evidence should be gathered regardless.

Following your accident, you should seek medical attention for the injury you have sustained, even if your injury only appears to be minor. This will create a note of your injury in your medical records that may be used to support your claim. It is also necessary to make a note of your accident in the Accident Report Book of the shop, which will act as evidence that the injury was sustained in the shop and that it was caused by the broken shelf.

It can be beneficial to consult a solicitor while gathering further evidence to your claim for cutting hand on a shelf in a shop. This is to ease the process of gathering CCTV footage that could be used in order to verify your claim and to inspect the broken shelf if it has been retained by the store. It is also wise to gather the contact details of anybody who witnessed your accident or who can verify that the shelf was sharp.

A solicitor can not only assist in gathering evidence to support your claim, but can also advise on the strength of your claim, determine the amount of compensation to which you may be entitled and let you know whether your claim is worth pursuing. There is a possibility that the gathering of evidence could take some time, and as a time limit of three years exists in order to make a claim to compensation you are advised to consult a personal injury solicitor if you believe you may have a valid claim for cutting hand on a shelf in a shop.