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Claim for Spraining a Neck at Work

How much compensation would I be entitled to claim for spraining a neck at work?

The most important thing to remember when seeking an evaluation of your potential claim for spraining a neck at work is that no two compensation claims are the same. There are many external factors which can alter the value of a claim such as your age, sex and health prior to the incident as well as the circumstances surrounding the injury.

The impact the neck injury you sustained may have on your life could be quite different to the impact it has on another person and this must be reflected when you seek compensation for a neck injury at work. For example someone who spends all their free time watching television will likely receive less compensation than someone who had a very active sporting life and is no longer able to participate in sports due to their neck injury. Similarly if your injury results in your absence from work you will receive more if you claim neck injury compensation than another who is absent for a similar period of time but earns less than you.

If you experience any anxiety or depression due to immobility while you recover from your injury, you may also be entitled to claim compensation for the emotional trauma suffered as a result of your injury, however any compensation claim for a psychological injury must be first assessed by a verified psychologist in order for you to include them in your claim for spraining a neck at work.

You should also retain any receipts for expenses you incurred as a direct result of the accident as you will be able to recover these expenses under ‘special damages’.

Of course it is possible that it could be deemed that you are partially responsible for the injuries you sustained, this is known as contributory negligence and will affect the amount of compensation for a neck injury at work you are entitled to seek.

If you intend to claim neck injury compensation and contributory negligence is a factor in your claim, the impact your negligence had on your accident will be decided with a percentage liability and thus your compensation settlement will be reduced by that percentage.

Therefore it would be in your best interests to speak with a personal injury solicitor as they will be able to advise you on the potential value of your claim for spraining a neck at work and whether you contributed in any way to the accident or your subsequent injury.