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Claim for Spraining a Wrist from Tripping in Morrisons

How should I proceed with my claim for spraining a wrist from tripping in Morrisons? I recently received a letter from an insurance company claiming to represent Morrsions with an offer of compensation. Up until that point I had been unaware that the insurance company knew of my accident, and what is even stranger is that I hadn’t even instructed my solicitor to contact the supermarket yet. Should I take this as a sign of good fortune and accept the offer?

If an insurance company offers compensation to a potential claimant without them first needing to inform the supermarket that they intend to take a claim, it means that they may be entitled to claim for spraining a wrist from tripping in Morrisons. It is imperative that you do not accept the insurance company’s offer without first speaking with your solicitor.

Unsolicited offers of compensation are made by insurance companies in order to allow them to keep their legal bills low, deal with cases as quickly as possible and control the amount which they pay out. It is highly unlikely that the insurance company — or public liability insurers in the case of a supermarket like Morrisons — put any serious consideration into the amount of compensation they proposed, and instead offered you a standard compensation value with no consideration for any loss of amenity or earnings, or any additional expenses incurred by you as a result of your injury.

Speaking with your solicitor will allow you to assess whether or not the unsolicited offer of compensation meets your needs and whether or not it is a fair reflection of what you are entitled to for a claim for spraining a wrist from tripping in Morrisons. It is highly likely that the amount offered does not reflect your true entitlement and you that you may be able to secure more compensation by pursuing the claim further.

It should be noted however that although an unsolicited offer of compensation is a sign that the insurance company believes you have a valid claim, it should not be taken as an admission of guilt on the part of Morrisons, and that if the claim is pursued further, you will have to prove that Morrisons was at fault for your injury.
Accepting an unsolicited offer of compensation for claim for spraining a wrist from tripping in Morrisons is almost never the right option, and should always be referred to a solicitor first.