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Claims for an Injury for Tripping over Cables in an Office

I tripped on cables at work hitting my head off a table and sustaining a fractured skull. Am I entitled to make a compensation claim for an injury from tripping over exposed cables in an office?

Successful claims for an injury from tripping over cables in an office require the claimant to prove that their employer’s negligence resulted in their injury. Your employer has a duty of care to provide all staff with a safe environment to work in and they are legally obliged to meet certain health and safety standards, if your employer has failed to do that you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Strong claims for an injury from tripping over cables in an office are generally supported by substantial evidence. Your starting point in this should be your medical history. In the immediate aftermath of an accident your number one priority is your health, considering this was such a serious injury you were most likely taken to hospital immediately therefore your injury will be recorded in your medical history. This is important as it means the negligent party’s insurers cannot allege you may have exacerbated your injury by not seeking prompt medical attention.

Once you have received professional medical care, you are advised to make an entry in your employer’s ‘Accident Report Book’ outlining how the incident occurred, however you are under no obligation to state who you believe is responsible for the accident.

You should consult a personal injury solicitor at this stage as they will be able to evaluate the amount of compensation you may be entitled to claim based on the circumstances surrounding your injury. They will also help you to identify evidence what will aid your claim such as photographs of the exposed cables and any CCTV footage – if available – of the accident. It may also be worthwhile speaking with work colleagues about safety standards to ascertain if the cables were left exposed for a considerable amount of time prior to the accident, contact details of people who saw the incident should also be obtained.

The most popular way to pursue claims for an injury from tripping over cables in an office is through ‘Contingency Fee’ representation, which means if your claim is unsuccessful you will not be liable for your solicitor’s legal fees however you may be responsible for the defendant’s. Speak with a personal injury solicitor to find out more.