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Claims for Electrocution from Office Equipment

I recently received a severe electric shock while operating the printer in my workplace. However I am not sure how to gather evidence of my injury. How can I make claims for electrocution from office equipment?

Regardless of whether or not your employer was aware that the printer in question was malfunctioning, any claims for electrocution from office equipment will be valid provided that you did not contribute to your own accident. This would be considered a failure in your employer’s duty to provide a safe environment in which to work. Even if the printer underwent maintenance shortly before the accident occurred, your employer will be liable for any compensation you may seek.

However — the gathering of evidence may make your claim somewhat more complicated. Your electrocution may have been noticed by your employer who would have then undoubtedly taken measures to prevent another such incident. There is a possibility that he organised a repair of the printer, in which case it will still be present in the office and can be used as evidence in order to support your claim. However there is also the likelihood that the printer was disposed of entirely, meaning that the liability of your employer will be harder to prove.

Immediately following your accident you are advised to seek medical attention, providing a record of your injuries in your medical history. After submitting a record of your accident in the Accident report Book of your employer you are advised to gather evidence through the testimony of colleagues who can verify that the printer caused your accident — but who do not necessarily have to be aware that the printer was faulty beforehand.

In order to ensure that you gather sufficient evidence in order to support your claim, you are strongly advised to contact a personal injury solicitor as soon as your injuries allow you to do so. By doing so you can also discuss liability for your accident, the strength of your claim and the amount of compensation to which you may be entitled. This will be particularly useful should you receive an unsolicited offer of compensation from your employer’s insurance company. This offer may occur if your employer’s liability is clear, and is often made in order to save money for the insurance company. Because of this, the amount of compensation that you may be offered can be significantly lower than what you would otherwise be entitled to. Should you be undercompensated, you will be unable to ask the insurance company for additional funds. For this reason, you are advised to contact a personal injury solicitor at the earliest opportunity.