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Claims for Falling down Wet Stairs in an Office

Can I make claims for falling down wet stairs in an office? I recently fell on the stairs in my office after coming in from the rain, breaking my leg as a result. However my employer says that I should have used the lift. Is he correct?

Any claims for falling down wet stairs in an office will be valid if your employer has taken shortcuts in health and safety standards in the workplace. It is your employer’s obligation to provide a safe environment in which to work, and if he fails in this duty he will be liable for any compensation. In this case he will be liable for your claim as long as you were not negligent yourself. If no warning sign was present that the wet stairs represented a hazard or if instructions were not provided to use the lift, this will be deemed as negligence on behalf of your employer. If the stairs were of a poor standard or they were not suited for the possibility of being wet, this may also be seen as a failure on the part of your employer.

However your entitlement to compensation may be affected if it is determined that contributory negligence played a role in your injuries. This may be the scenario if warning signs were prominently displayed on the stairs but you chose to ignore them, or if you failed to comply with instructions to use the lift instead. You may also contribute to the severity of your injuries if you fail to seek immediate medical attention following your accident. Your injuries may have become worse as a result, and the compensation to which you are entitled will be reduced to reflect your own carelessness.

Your claims for falling down wet stairs in an office will be greatly assisted if you can gather evidence of your accident. This can involve a photograph of how safety signs are displayed (if at all) on the office stairs next time they are wet, or observe the manner in which instructions to use the lift are given. You can gather testimony from colleagues who either witnessed your accident or who can verify the hazard posed by the wet stairs. You are also advised to record your accident into the Accident Report Book of your employer if you have not done so already.

It should be noted that a time limit of three years exists in order to make claims for falling down wet stairs in an office. Considering the time it may take to gather evidence and build a claim, it is advised that you contact a personal injury solicitor at the earliest opportunity after being injured, who can represent the claim on your behalf. This way you can focus on your recovery and ensure that your claim is in safe hands.