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Compensation Claim for Falling on Lettuce in Morrisons

Is it possible to pursue a compensation claim for falling on lettuce in Morrisons? I recently slipped on a leaf of lettuce in Morrisons which had fallen from a display close by. Although I understand that it is not unusual for parts of vegetables to fall from their displays, the floor in the aisle was more like a farmers market than a supermarket. As I result of my fall I sprained my ankle, leaving me unable to attend work for a week.

It may be possible for you to pursue a compensation claim for falling on lettuce in Morrisons if it can be proven that the supermarket failed in its due of care to you, one of its customers. Supermarkets owe a duty of care to their shoppers, meaning that if they are found to have taken inadequate preventative measures to protect a customer they might be able to be held liable for an accident.

However, while a supermarket owes its customers a duty of care, that duty is not “absolute” and customers are also required to take precautions to protect themselves from harm — this can mean that it may be difficult to determine which party is most at fault for an accident, or where more than one party is at fault, who is most responsible.

Evidence may have to be gathered to prove that a supermarket is at fault for an accident in the event that its management denies liability. As you pointed out in your question, the floor of the aisle was covered in vegetables which had fallen from the shelves — this is wholly unacceptable, and though vegetables do shed from time to time, staff are still required to ensure that the aisles are kept clear of hazardous obstructions.

There are a number of measures which may be able to further support your compensation claim for falling on lettuce in Morrisons. In your case it may still be possible to ask staff to attest to the condition of the aisle, or failing that acquire CCTV footage of the condition of the aisle at the time of the accident. If possible you should have taken photographs of the aisle at the time of the accident and made a report in the supermarket’s Accident Report Book, though this may have not been feasible given the nature of your injury.

For more information on how to bring a successful compensation claim for falling on lettuce in Morrisons, speak with an experienced personal injury solicitor at the earliest possible opportunity.