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Compensation for a Facial Injury from Tripping in Morrisons

Am I eligible to claim compensation for a facial injury from tripping in Morrisons? I recently suffered a facial wound while shopping in Morrisons. It happened after I tripped over a metallic post protruding from a shelf (I assume it had fallen out of position). I received several stitches in my face — as facial wounds generally require — and may be scarred for life.

You may be entitled to claim compensation for a facial injury from tripping in Morrisons if you can prove that someone other than you was at least partly responsible for your accident. Supermarkets, like most businesses, have a duty of care to persons on their premises, and although this is not absolute — meaning customers must also shoulder some of the responsibility for their welfare — you may be able to pursue a settlement if you believe you can prove that Morrisons failed in its responsibility to ensure your safety on its premises.

Most supermarket chains employ a stringent set of regulations that if enforced properly, will allow them to avoid any legal action. Inevitably however, accidents do happen. Morrisons, the UK’s fourth largest retailer with 450 stores and a 12% market share, is bound to see action brought against it at some point. As part of their efforts to keep customers safe, supermarkets often conduct safety checks on their products, equipment and shelving. If Morrisons failed to spot an issue with the post with which you collided after falling, they may be liable.

In order to discover definitively whether or not you are entitled to claim compensation for a face injury from tripping in Morrisons, you should speak with a personal injury claims solicitor at the first possible opportunity. Speaking with a solicitor will not only enable you to find out if you are entitled to compensation or how much you may be awarded if you are. Many injury clams solicitors in the UK today offer free initial consultations to new customers, including those seeking compensation for a facial injury from tripping in Morrisons.