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Compensation for a Torn Ligament at Work

What is the time limit for pursuing compensation for a torn ligament at work?

For the majority of those claiming compensation for a torn ligament at work in the UK the amount of time they have to pursue their claim will be subject to the time limit set out in the UK Statute of Limitations. Generally this is three years from the ‘date of knowledge’; this refers to the date when you first become aware of your injury or condition. Of course it may be the case that your injury took some time to develop or really irritate you, in this instance the ‘date of knowledge’ will be the date you were first diagnosed by a doctor.

There are exceptions and exclusions that can be made to the Statute of Limitations in the UK, however only a court can grant an extension to the time limit for your claim for a work injury. There is also a concept in law known as a “Standstill Agreement” which effectively stops the clock, making it possible to extend the time restrictions if you intend to claim compensation for a damaged ligament should all parties concerned in the action are in agreement.

Of course if the negligent party accepts liability for your injury and it is not contested by the insurance company, your claim for a work injury may be resolved quickly. In order to increase the probability that your claim for compensation for a torn ligament at work is resolved quickly you should gather as much evidence as possible to support your compensation claim. It would be in your best interests to also speak with a personal injury solicitor as he/she will aid you in collecting evidence relevant to your claim.

Your solicitor will be able to contact the negligent party’s insurance company once they send a ‘Letter of Claim’ to the insurers informing them of your intention to seek compensation. In order to claim compensation for a damaged ligament as quickly as possible they will then outline the circumstances surrounding the case, summarise the evidence against the negligent third party and request a prompt settlement of your claim.

This request may be rejected in which case you will need to wait the usual 21 days for the third party to respond to your claim and a further 90 days for them to indicate if they accept or reject liability for your claim.

If the insurance company contest your compensation claim, your solicitor will discuss the additional options available to you and will initiate court proceedings if you wish in order for you to further pursue you claim for compensation for a torn ligament at work.