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Compensation for Anaesthesia Error that Left Patient still Awake

Is it possible to claim compensation for anaesthesia error that left patient still awake? My mother recently had surgery on her hip and she was awake during the whole thing, it has left her traumatised and unable to function the way that she used to.

It may be possible for your mother to claim compensation for anaesthesia error that left patient still awake. What your mother experienced is known as “anaesthetic awareness”. This is when, due to some error on a medical professional’s part, the anaesthetic has not worked correctly on a patient during an operation. Generally when this occurs the patient is conscious during the operation, left paralysed and unable to call out for help, but still able to feel the pain of being operated on. It is common for people who endure such a traumatising experience to be left with psychological injury so it may be possible for your mother to claim for anaesthesia error for how it has affected her psychologically.

However, it will still be necessary to establish who was to blame for the anaesthesia error that your mother experienced in order to claim compensation for anaesthesia error that left patient still awake. It is therefore recommended that she contacts a personal injury claims solicitor with experience in patient awake during surgery compensation claims so that he or she may begin to gather evidence and investigate the cause of your mother’s traumatic experience. If your mother feels anxiety at the thought of undergoing any sort of legal battle, then it may be possible for her to be represented by a “litigation friend” who will be able to advise a solicitor and speak on her behalf.

Her solicitor will contact all of the medical professionals involved in order to determine who may be the negligent party. He or she will obtain any medical notes and documentation connected to your mother’s surgery and then contact an independent medical expert who will examine these notes carefully. From these, the medical professional will be able to establish whether or not there was anything that could have been done to prevent your mother’s experience and also why nobody noticed when your mother was suffering. Her solicitor will take the medical expert’s opinion into consideration and advise her how best to proceed with her claim for anaesthesia error.

It is also advisable to take note of any instances of when your mother’s trauma has affected her everyday life. This is important because even if medical negligence clearly did occur, a claim cannot be made unless there was an injury sustained due to this negligence. In your mother’s case, it is her psychological injury that she will be claiming for. Common consequences for patients who endure anaesthetic awareness are post-traumatic stress disorder and severe panic attacks. It would be advisable for your mother to seek help from a councillor, in addition to maintaining a diary taking note of any instances when her anxiety has made her unable to take part in what used to be everyday activities for her, such as social events, pastimes and even doing household chores. All of this can be used as evidence when your mother’s final patient awake during surgery compensation settlement is being calculated.

It is in your mother’s best interest to contact a solicitor as soon as possible to begin discussing a possible claim. They will be able to put her mind at ease about any worries she may have about the process for claiming compensation for anaesthesia error that left patient still awake.