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Compensation for Burns from Laser Hair Removal

Can I still claim compensation for burns from laser hair removal if the redness and swelling on my upper lip has gone down but a visible scar remains which affects my confidence at work?

A visible scar is one of the worst possible side-effects of laser hair removal and you will be able to claim compensation for burns from a laser hair removal treatment if it can be shown that the burns which resulted in the scar were caused by a lack of care from the beautician proving you with the treatment.

The usual reason for post-laser hair removal scarring is the laser that was used in the treatment and the way in which it was used. Therefore, if the wrong laser type was used, or the right laser type with the wrong settings for your skin type was used when your treatment was performed, it would imply that the beautician performing the treatment displayed a lack of skill – a lack of skill which would enable you to claim compensation for burns from laser hair removal.

Determining that negligence has occurred may not always be straightforward – despite the visible scar on your face. Scars can remain from an infection contracted after the laser hair removal treatment has taken place if proper hygiene procedures have not been followed, and therefore you should report your injury to the beauty salon at which you underwent the treatment and make an entry in the salon´s “Accident Report Book” to see if they are willing to offer an explanation of what went wrong.

Depending on your history at the salon and your relationship with the proprietor, it might be the case that you are made an immediate offer of compensation for burns for laser hair removal – even though it would normally be the beauty salon´s liability insurers who settled a claim for burns from a laser hair removal procedure. However, it would be prudent to wait until you have had your claim for burns from a laser hair removal procedure assessed by a beauty salon claims solicitor before accepting any offer.

If – as you say in your question – the visible scar is affecting your confidence at work, and you have a position in which good looks are regarded as an asset, it may be necessary for you to undergo plastic surgery to mask the scar and restore your confidence. Revision surgery is a consequence of the negligent treatment that the beauty salon may not consider in their offer of compensation for burns from a laser hair removal treatment, and why it is advisable to seek legal advice before accepting the beauty salon´s offer.

Without knowing how long it has been since you underwent the negligent laser hair removal treatment, it is difficult to advise whether you should complain to the salon first or speak with a solicitor. As it will probably be in your best interests to have information relevant to your personal situation before you return to the beauty salon, we would suggest that you discuss the circumstances of your treatment and injury with a beauty salon claims solicitor at the first practical opportunity.