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Compensation for Cutting a Hand in a Supermarket

Am I eligible to claim compensation for cutting a hand in a supermarket? I recently required stitches in my hand after cutting my palm while trying to open a jam jar. It turns out that the jar lid was defective, and had several jagged points.

You may be able to claim compensation for cutting a hand in a supermarket if you can prove that the supermarket was at fault for your accident. Supermarkets, like other businesses, have a duty of care to customers on their premises, and while this ‘duty’ is not absolute, it does require them to ensure that the products they sell are of merchantable quality. Most supermarkets, and indeed, businesses through which goods are sold to the public, operate a returns system, through which it is possible to identify and return items which are deemed not fit for purpose or safe to be sold.

It is likely that the supermarket in which you cut your hand operates a returns policy, and that if spotted, the defective jam jar would have been removed from the shelves and brought to the returns area. If you can prove that your injury was the result of an oversight on the part of the supermarket’s staff or management, you may be eligible to claim compensation for a hand scar from a supermarket accident.

Before pursuing a claim for compensation it is important that you gather all of the relevant evidence and documentation. The most important piece of evidence you will need is the medical report which you were issued with when you received your stitches — if you were not issued with a report when you were discharged from hospital, you should contact the hospital and request one immediately.

Other evidence such as CCTV footage and witness statements from passers-by, staff or friends who saw what happened should also be gathered. Even though a medical report will serve as evidence of your injuries, taking photos of it — and the scene if possible — may also add weight to your claim. Most supermarkets keep an Accident Report Book, which they use to log all of the accidents which happen on their premises. Making a note in this and requesting a copy may also be useful.

Your entitlement to hand cut compensation and the evidence you need to gather may differ from what is explained here, and only by speaking with an experienced personal injury claims solicitor will you be able to ascertain precisely what you need to execute a successful claim for compensation.

In order to gain a more thorough understanding of the claims process and how it applies in your claim for compensation for cutting a hand in a supermarket, speak with a solicitor at the first possible opportunity.