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Compensation for Food Poisoning in a Yates Pub

If I claim compensation for food poisoning in a Yates pub do I need to collect any evidence to support my claim?

An Environmental Health Department report confirming contaminated restaurant food can be used alongside your medical reports to substantiate a claim for compensation for food poisoning in a Yates pub, so it is important that you contact the Environmental Health Department promptly to report your illness. It is probable that an inspection of the pub will be arranged promptly and, if evidence of food contamination is found, the report issued by the Environmental Health inspectors can be obtained and will be valuable evidence to support your case.

Other actions should ideally be taken as further documentation should be submitted with your pub food illness claim. You should report your illness to the manager of the pub, either by returning to complete an Accident Book report or by writing a letter to the pub landlord. If you chose the latter option you should retaining a copy of any correspondence so that it can be submitted with your claim for food poisoning from a Yates pub.

You will not lose your right to recover compensation for food poisoning in a Yates pub if you do not officially report your infection to the pub landlord, but it will help to ensure that the strongest possible pub food illness claim can be prepared.

When a claim for food poisoning from a Yates pub is made, it must be supported by evidence that you ate in the pub prior to becoming ill. If you retained a receipt from your meal this can be used as proof of purchase, although an itemised credit card or bank statement will also serve this purpose if you did not pay for your meal in cash.

We recommend speaking with a personal injury solicitor about your case to find out if you need to collect any other documentation to support your claim, and to receive specific legal advice about claiming Yates pub food poisoning compensation. The right to make a personal injury claim can be affected by many factors, and if you speak to a personal injury solicitor promptly, you will be advised about the steps that must be taken in order to preserve your right to claim.

A solicitor is also the best person to ask about the amount of Yates pub food poisoning compensation that you will be entitled to recover for your illness. After speaking with your doctor or obtaining a copy of your medical records and conducting an investigation of your case, it will be possible for compensation for food poisoning in a Yates pub to be calculated by your solicitor. You can then decide whether it will be worth your while to take legal action when you are aware of what you stand to recover as damages.