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Compensation for Hysterectomy Complications

What can compensation for hysterectomy complications include, and when are complications considered to be due to medical negligence?

Compensation for hysterectomy complications can be made for an injury which has been caused by a surgeon which could have been prevented had proper care been taken. A hysterectomy is a relatively safe surgical procedure to have completed these days. Although complications can arise as in any surgical procedure, if they have been caused by carelessness of the surgeon or operating theatre nurses, it should be possible to claim compensation for hysterectomy complications.

The most common complications that result from hysterectomy surgery – which result in successful claims for compensation for hysterectomy complications being made – are when the surgeon makes a mistake when removing the uterus. The most common error is the accidental tearing or cutting of the bladder or the lower intestine. Such an error can cause internal bleeding and considerable blood loss and harm to a patient.

Although a surgeon may make a mistake due to carelessness or incompetence, if the mistake is noticed quickly and corrected during the procedure, there may be little or no harm caused to the patient and no long term consequences to the health. In such cases, even though the surgeon may have been negligent it is unlikely that any compensation for hysterectomy complications will be awarded.

However when mistakes are made which are not noticed promptly, and cause further health problems or require further surgical procedures to correct, then a compensation claim for hysterectomy complications will be possible. When the bowel is damaged it can cause faecal matter to leak into the body cavity which can cause highly serious health problems such as septicaemia or peritonitis. Such infections can have dire consequences and may even be fatal for the victim.

If the bladder is injured it may cause temporary or even permanent problems with bladder control. Not only is this highly embarrassing for the victim, but a colostomy bag may need to be worn which is a considerable loss of amenity. A claim for hysterectomy complications compensation in such cases can be made for the loss of function, distress and suffering caused and for both the physical and psychological problems which have been caused due to the negligence of the surgeon.

It is important that you receive accurate legal advice about claiming compensation for hysterectomy complications, and we recommend you to speak with a medical negligence solicitor about your case at the earliest opportunity. If it is possible to claim compensation for hysterectomy complications a medical negligence solicitor would be able to tell you so, and will give you an indication of the strength of your case.