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Compensation for Walking into Glass Door in a Shop

I recently broke my nose after walking into a glass door at a local shop. I wish to claim compensation for the medical expenses and lost income, but the shop says I should have noticed the door. Is there any way I can claim compensation for walking into glass door in a shop?

You will be entitled to claim compensation for walking into glass door in a shop if it can be determined that the negligence of the shop resulted in your accident and injury. Before making any claim for compensation, you should seek medical attention immediately after your accident. This is to prevent further complications with your injuries, and to ensure that your compensation is not impacted by contributory negligence for failure to look after your own health. A record of the accident should also be made in the “Accident Report Book” of the shop that can be used as evidence to support your claim.

Once this has been done, further evidence to support your claim to compensation for walking into glass door in a shop can be gathered, preferably with the assistance of a solicitor. Regulation 14 of the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations 1992 states that all glass doors should be apparent in order to ensure that they are noticeable and that injuries are prevented. In a shop it is particularly crucial that a customer can notice a potential hazard, as shops often encourage customers to look at their displays rather than where they are walking. It is possible that markings were placed on the door following your accident, but if not you should acquire photographic evidence of the door in question and prove that inadequate safety measures were taken. The contact details of any witnesses to your accident should also be gathered, and who may be able to testify regarding your accident.

It should be noted that acquiring evidence may take some time, between gathering the testimony of witnesses, collecting medical records, getting visual evidence of your accident amongst other details. It must also be remembered that the Statute of Limitations places a time limit of three years in which to make a claim to compensation. Because of this, and the complexity of making an injury claim, you are advised to consult a personal injury solicitor at the earliest opportunity. This is to ensure that you receive the best representation possible for your claim, that liability is appropriately assigned and that you can claim the maximum amount of compensation for walking into glass door in a shop to which you may be entitled.