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Claim Compensation for Wrong Toe Amputation

If I claim compensation for wrong toe amputation how much should I be entitled to get?

It is impossible for me to say how much you could receive if you claim compensation for wrong toe amputation without first knowing the circumstances in which your toe was amputated and the impact it has had on your life as a result. Worth noting though is the fact that although medical negligence can often be difficult to prove, with injuries such as an amputation of wrong toe injury, this is not the case due to how discernible the injury is. However, gathering evidence of the effect that your injury has had on your life is still vital, so it is recommended that you contact a personal injury claims solicitor with experience in wrong toe amputation injury claims at the first possible moment in order to begin your claim.

They will begin the process of trying to attempt to establish who the negligent individual was for the wrong amputation you experienced. It is not always the surgeon who is negligent in such cases, sometimes it can be the result of an administrational error where the wrong information has been given to the operating team. Your solicitor will contact the medical team involved in your surgery to try and determine the source of the negligence that caused your injury. They will obtain the medical notes relevant to your operation and show them to an independent medical expert who will evaluate the circumstances of your injury. They will then advise your solicitor of their findings and your solicitor will advise you on how best to proceed in order to claim compensation for wrong toe amputation.

How much compensation for your amputation of wrong toe injury you could be entitled to receive will be determined in relation to the Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages. This is a publication which contains various types of injury and the value of each injury depending on its severity and long-term effects. If a particular injury is not contained in the book then the solicitors calculating a settlement will examine previous settlements for similar injuries to determine how much such an injury claim could be worth. A claim value will then be calculated by also taking into consideration the victim’s age, sex and general state of health before the injury was sustained and any impact the injury has had on their life as a consequence. It is advisable that you retain any financial documents or receipt that will demonstrate the financial losses or expenses you have incurred, in addition to proof of any non-financial changes that have occurred, such as if you can no longer partake in everyday life in the same manner.

All of this is a general overview of how your wrong toe amputation injury claim may be calculated. It is by no means an alternative to the specific information a solicitor will be able to provide once they are informed of the circumstances of your medical negligence injury and the impact it has had on your quality of life. If he or she considers you to have a strong chance of success, they may offer to represent you legally when you claim compensation for wrong toe amputation.