We will assess your injury claim We will assess your injury claim

Claim for Contracting a Rash at Work

A few days ago I came out in a large rash on my arms, I think it may be due to a new hair product we’ve been instructed to use in the salon, am I eligible to make a compensation claim for contracting a rash at work?

If you can demonstrate that your employer has been negligent or failed in a duty of care to staff, you may be eligible to claim for contracting a rash at work. First you need to ascertain what caused the rash, it is recommended that you seek professional medical care if you have not done so already, so medical staff will be able to diagnose your injury and the causes of it. I t will also mean that there will be a record of the injury in your medical history which you will be able to use to substantiate your compensation claim for developing a rash at work.

You should also take photographs of the rash, close up and from a distance and investigate if any of your work colleagues have suffered a similar reaction. If possible you should also keep a sample of the hair product you have been using at your place of work as these elements may all be useful in supporting your compensation claim.

It is also recommended that you make a note of the injury you sustained in your employer’s ‘Accident Report Book’. Once you have done this you are advised to speak with a personal injury claims solicitor, they will be able to evaluate your claim and advise whether it is worth your while pursuing compensation. They will take into account factors such as age, state of health prior to the accident and the effect the injury has had on your personal life before deciding the amount of compensation your claim may be worth.

The employer’s insurance company may also approach you with a direct or unsolicited offer of compensation and while an up-front offer can be tempting, especially if you are experiencing financial difficulty, please remember you risk being undercompensated for your injuries. If finances are a worry your solicitor should be able to secure short-term interim payments of compensation until such a time that your claim is resolved.