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Emergency Room Malpractice

Does emergency room malpractice include the misdiagnosis of an illness?

The avoidable misdiagnosis of an illness can constitute emergency room malpractice, and can be the basis for a claim for compensation, only if your heath has deteriorated or you have been harmed as a direct result.

Emergency rooms can be frantic, and doctors are required to make a rapid diagnosis of a patient’s condition — often without immediate access to a patient’s medical records. They also have to assess how severe each patient´s injuries are and make sure that those needing immediate medical care are treated as priority over those who are able to wait longer.. The pressure can be high, and the circumstances in an emergency room can lead to errors being made — not all of which would be categorised as emergency room malpractice. However simple oversights and small medical mistakes can have highly serious consequences.

When emergency room malpractice — such as a misdiagnosis – occurs, it may not have any major consequences for a patient other than a delay in receiving the correct treatment. Other times, the consequences of a misdiagnosis can be grave; such as when the symptoms of an impending heart attack or stroke are misdiagnosed, and a serious injury is sustained which could have been prevented. In such cases the patient may suffer permanent health problems or may even die as a result.

It is important that you consult an emergency room malpractice solicitor to look at your case to determine whether, under the circumstances and at the time of your visit to the emergency room, that any competent doctor should have handled your visit differently. If it can be established that they would have made the correct diagnosis which would have allowed the correct treatment to be started more rapidly and which would have prevented an injury, your claim for medical room malpractice compensation is likely to be successful.