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Fall on Uneven Ground in Car Park

I suffered a fall on uneven ground in car park of my local supermarket recently. They have since offered me a sum of compensation. I would prefer not to have to make a claim, so should I just accept it?

The only one who can tell you whether or not you should accept this compensation for fall on uneven ground in car park is a personal injury claims solicitor with experience in dealing with car park injury claims. More often than not, unsolicited offers of claim are made by third party insurance companies not long after an accident and they turn out to be wholly inadequate when it comes to sufficiently covering the financial and psychological repercussions of an accident victim’s injuries.

This is because there will not have been time to fully assess the impact of the injury that a victim has sustained in the long term. By offering you this claim, the supermarket’s insurance company is probably hoping to save themselves money both in legal fees and also in the amount of compensation they will have to pay. They may be hoping to find you in a vulnerable position, where you are more likely to accept an offer for an instant car park uneven ground accident compensation settlement.

Get your claim assessed properly by a legal professional. They will take into account numerous factors of your accident that the supermarket’s insurance company will not have had time to consider. This can often include your age, sex, general state of health prior to the incident, the pain and suffering you experienced during the accident and also any impact the injury has had on your quality of life. The latter of these elements can include both financial and psychological impact.

For example, if you have had any financial losses because of being unable to work, or if you have incurred a great deal of medical expenses, then this can be taken into consideration when your final settlement is being calculated. So too can any emotional trauma you have endured. For instance, if you have suffered a loss of confidence and can no longer bring yourself to take part in social events and leisure activities; you should note instances like this in a diary which you should present to your lawyer as evidence to strengthen your uneven ground fall compensation claim.

It is advisable that you contact a solicitor as soon as you can, as they will be able to provide you with more specific information than what is presented here. If the solicitor considers you to have a viable claim that is worth pursuing, they may offer to represent you in your claim for fall on uneven ground in car park.