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Food Poisoning in Pret a Manger Claim

If I make a food poisoning in Pret a Manger claim, how long will it take to receive an award of compensation?

The time it takes for a food poisoning in Pret a Manger claim to be resolved is difficult to predict as there are a number of factors that can affect how long it takes for compensation to be awarded. If you want to make sure your case runs smoothly and it is resolved in the quickest possible time frame, you should involve a solicitor as soon as possible.

Before a claim can be commenced, a case against the negligent third party responsible for the illness must be built and this can take some time. It is usually necessary to wait until the premises of a restaurant have been inspected by the Environmental Health Department before a claim for food poisoning compensation can be filed.

Since a report from the Environmental Health Department confirming a breach in government food safety legislation can have a major influence on the success of a case — and the amount of compensation that can be recovered — it pays to wait until the report is issued before the claim is filed.

Once a compensation claim for food poisoning from Pret a Manger has been prepared and evidence has been collected and collated, a claims letter can be drafted and sent to the restaurant owner and his or her insurance company. The restaurant owner has twenty one days to acknowledge receipt of the claims letter and the insurance company that provided the public liability insurance policy against which the claim is made has a further 90 days to decide whether to accept or reject liability for your illness. When liability is accepted, negotiations can commence between your chosen solicitor and the insurer to decide on an appropriate level of compensation for the illness.

If liability for the illness is not accepted by the restaurant’s insurer, or if compensation amounts for your Pret a Manger food poisoning claim cannot be negotiated by your solicitor, the claim will need to be taken to the UK courts to be decided and this can delay the payment of compensation by some degree. If a food poisoning in Pret a Manger claim is uncontested — liability is fully accepted — you can expect to receive an award of compensation in approximately six to nine months.

When a strong compensation claim for food poisoning from Pret a Manger is prepared – and a good body of evidence has been collected to prove negligence by the restaurant owner – the insurance company that provides the restaurant’s public liability insurance policy may decide to settle the claim quickly, and you may even receive an offer of Pret a Manger food poisoning compensation directly from the insurer.

If you do receive an offer you are under no obligation to accept it. Insurance company offers are typically low and you may be able to obtain a much higher award of personal injury compensation if you proceed with a Pret a Manger food poisoning claim. A solicitor is the best person to ask to provide an independent assessment of a settlement offer to determine if it is appropriate, or whether food poisoning in Pret a Manger claim should be filed.