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Claim for a Go Karting Accident

During a go kart session with my friends there was a collision, I was hit from behind and suffered whiplash. Am I entitled to make a compensation claim for a go karting accident?

You may be eligible to make a compensation claim for a go karting accident if the go karting company is found to be liable for the accident and your subsequent injury. The go kart company has a duty of care to its customers and staff and if they breach that you may be entitled to compensation.

The company are responsible for ensuring all participants are aware of the dangers involved with karting and must give proper instructions on how to drive the kart, drivers should be told what the different flag colours mean so drivers are aware of what action they should take if they see a flag during the session. Participants should also be provided with a well-maintained go-kart to drive, if this is not the case the go kart company has been negligent.

However if the accident was due to driver negligence rather than inadequate training or a poorly-maintained vehicle, your compensation claim for a go karting accident may be made against the driver who caused the accident rather than the go karting company.

This will further complicate your claim because it is likely the accident was unintentional if you and the other driver received adequate training and were warned before the session about the potential risks of go karting.

There are also other issues you should be aware of, such as the assumption of risk when you sit inside a go kart. Therefore if you believe you are entitled to claim for a go karting accident you are best advised to speak with a personal injury solicitor. They will guide you through the necessary steps required to initiate a claim for compensation and will also advise whether it is worth your while making a claim once they are aware of the full circumstances surrounding the accident.