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Claim for Hair Damage in a Beauty Salon

After restyling my hair I got home to find it felt like straw to touch, it was also singed in a few places, I will now have to get it treated to get it back to the way it was before the restyling. Will I be entitled to make a compensation claim for hair damage in a beauty salon?

Once it can be established beyond reasonable doubt that the hair salon are responsible, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim for hair damage in a beauty salon.

Beauty salons have a duty of care to customers; they are responsible for their health and safety. The salon may have been negligent if the stylist was inadequately trained for the procedure, failed to meet the professional standards expected from their training or was found to have used equipment or hair products that were unsafe.

Hair damage can be very distressing and may cause severe emotional distress, it can also be very expensive to correct. These are all factors which may affect the amount of compensation you are eligible to claim and a personal injury solicitor will be able to advise how each one may impact you.

You should also gather evidence to ensure you build the strongest possible claim for hair damage in a beauty salon. Photographs of the damage to your hair, both close-up and from a distance, testimonies from people who witnessed the accident and any CCTV footage of your hair treatment could be used to substantiate your compensation claim for hairdressing damage in a salon.

You are also advised to record the incident in the salon’s ‘Accident Report Book’ however you should be wary of any token offers of compensation the salon may make to you when you return to write your report. All compensation offers should be referred to a personal injury solicitor as they will be able to evaluate the potential amount of compensation you may be entitled to and advise you accordingly regarding whether you should accept an early offer of compensation. By not seeking advice from a solicitor, you risk being under compensated for your hair damage.