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Claim for Hair Damaged in a Salon

I recently had my hair styled at a salon but when the stylist used a curling iron on my hair, it was singed badly and some hair fell out, am I entitled to make a compensation claim for hair damaged in a salon?

Your eligibility to make a claim for hair damaged in a salon, depends on the circumstances surrounding the injury to your hair, the severity of the damage and the impact it has on your personal life.

When you attend a salon, the professional stylist there owes you a duty of care, if you can demonstrate that they were negligent and failed to provide you with a duty of care you may be entitled to claim for hair damaged in a salon.

It could be that the equipment used was faulty, the stylist did not enquire if you had any existing medical condition with your hair, the stylist was not adequately trained to do their job or failed to display that training. You may also be eligible to claim compensation for emotional trauma if the damage to your hair causes you anxiety, embarrassment or affects the life you had prior to the incident in any way. Although in order to claim for psychological injury you must have your emotional trauma verified by a psychologist.

If you intend to claim for hair damaged in a salon, your compensation claim will be against the salon’s insurance company not any of the salon staff who you believe were negligent.

In the immediate aftermath of the incident, your first priority should be your health. You must seek immediate professional medical care to evaluate your injury and what effects it may have on your health. Once that has been carried out, you should make a report of the incident in the ‘Accident Report Book’ of the salon and take photographs of the damage caused as well as gather contact details of any witnesses who may have seen the incident. The salon may have CCTV cameras installed which could also contain footage of the accident.

You are advised to consult with a personal injury solicitor before you pursue you compensation claim, as the insurance company of the negligent party may approach you with a direct and unsolicited offer of compensation before the full extent of your injuries are known. A personal injury solicitor will be able evaluate the amount of compensation you may be eligible for, therefore you should refer any direct offer of compensation to them as they will be able to determine if you are at risk of under compensation by accepting the early offer of compensation from the insurance company.

A personal injury solicitor will be able to advise you on the options available, if you are seeking to claim for hair damaged in a salon and will ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation to which you are entitled for your injury, which is why it is recommended that you contact them without delay.