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Claim for a Hand Injury at work in Tesco

While working behind the deli counter in Tesco, I slipped on a wet floor while I was carrying a knife and cut my hand badly in the fall. Am I eligible to claim for a hand injury at work in Tesco?

You may be entitled to make a compensation claim for a hand injury at work in Tesco if you were not entirely to blame for the accident. Work injury claims for lacerations are relatively common and while it is naturally to feel somewhat apprehensive about making a compensation claim against an employer, it is important to remember that your compensation claim is against their insurance company and not the employer’s themselves. UK law also states there can be no repercussions against an employee who rightfully makes a compensation for a hand injury sustained at work.

Even if you believe the wound is not too serious, you should still attend your local GP or Accident and Emergency to have it seen to, as it could be alleged your injury was trivial by the negligent party’s insurers which could jeopardise your claim.

You must demonstrate that Tesco are at least partially at fault for your accident, in order to do this it is recommended that you gather any contact details of witnesses, take photographs of the scene and if possible obtain CCTV footage of the accident. You will need to show that the wet floor was a safety hazard that Tesco dealt with inadequately thus failing in their obligation to provide staff with a safe working environment. Of course it is likely another staff member was to blame for the injury but the compensation claim must still be made against the employer.

You are advised to speak with a work injury claims solicitor without delay as there are many other factors which can influence the amount of compensation awarded for a laceration such as the pain and suffering caused by the injury, the emotional trauma suffered, compensation for loss of amenity if you are no longer able to participate in hobbies or social activities that were part of your life prior to the accident (even if this is only temporary) and you may also be entitled to special damages for costs incurred as a direct result of the incident.

It is likely your solicitor will advise you to report your injury in Tesco’s ‘Accident Report Book’ however are under no obligation to identify who you believe is responsible for the accident in the report.

If the negligent party’s insurers believe they are liable for your injury, they may approach you with a direct or unsolicited offer of compensation; any such offer should be referred to your solicitor to avoid the risk of being undercompensated for your injuries.