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Hand Injury from Machinery in a Factory

I was recently operating a buzz-saw at work when it malfunctioned, resulting in a serious cut to my hand. I thought there was something wrong with it before, but I never reported it. Could this effect the amount of compensation which I could be entitled to?

While you may be entitled to claim some compensation for hand injury from machinery in a factory, the amount to which you may be entitled could be reduced due to contributory negligence. Your employer has a duty of care towards their employees, and must provide them with a safe environment in which to work. It may be possible that regular inspections and maintenance could have prevented your accident occurring, because of which you can be entitled to some compensation. However as you failed to report the malfunctioning machinery, it may be determined that you took insufficient precautions to avoid an accident and you could be held partially liable for your accident.

Contributory negligence could again reduce the amount of compensation you can receive for your hand injury from machinery in a factory if you failed to seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. After sustaining an injury, your priority should be to attend the accident and emergency department of the nearest hospital immediately. However if you relied on the first aid administered after your accident and the wound had difficulty healing or became infected, your compensation could be reduced once more to reflect your own lack of care. In this situation your employer will not be liable for any injury beyond the one that was originally sustained.

Even if contributory negligence is not a factor in your hand injury from machinery in a factory, your compensation can be reduced if you are directly contacted by the insurance company of your employer. Such offers are often made with the provision that the claim is immediately settled. You may be tempted to accept the offer if your financial situation is of concern — however there is a possibility that the offer being made is inadequate to cover your needs, and is made in order to save money for the insurance company. However you will be unable to request additional funding if you are unable to pay your medical costs or provide for your family. A personal injury solicitor would be able to advise you on whether the offer being made is fair.

If contributory negligence may be a factor in your accident and injury, you are advised to consult a personal injury solicitor at the earliest opportunity. Your solicitor can advise you on the amount of compensation to which you may be entitled, offer you representation for your claim and ensure that you are fairly compensated for your hand injury from machinery in a factory.