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Compensation Claims from Horse Riding School Accidents

Are compensation claims from horse riding school accidents usually successful even when the victim failed to obtain contact details of witnesses of the accident?

In compensation claims from horse riding school accidents, the more evidence that can be collected to support your claim, the stronger position you will be in to successfully make a horse riding injury claim. This does not mean that you need to collect every possible piece of evidence to show that management or staff caused your accident through negligence, only that it would benefit your claim for compensation for a riding school injury if you were able to do so.

There are other ways that evidence of negligence on behalf of management or staff can be obtained in support of a horse riding injury claim, thus you should not be overly worried that you do not have witness contact information. The accident may have been captured by a CCTV camera as many businesses now have security cameras installed on the premises. Under the Data Protection Act you are entitled to a copy of any recording of you, and can request that management release any video data of you that has been recorded.

CCTV footage can be very useful, as it can help to establish who is to blame for the accident and whether it can be attributed to negligence of management or staff. It is especially important as proof to support a horse riding injury claim when eye-witness contact details have not been obtained.

You should also ensure that the riding accident is officially reported to management of the school. You are advised to return to the school to make an accident book report as soon as possible. Ideally this should be done immediately after the accident, but it is acceptable to file an accident report after your injuries have been treated.

Of course a member of staff may have already recorded the accident on your behalf. If the report has already been made you are advised to review it to ensure it is accurate and also to add any details that you feel are relevant. Please ensure that your name and contact details are included in the report, the cause of the accident is stated and the injuries you have sustained in the accident are noted. In compensation claims from horse riding school accidents the accident book is often used to help prove that you were injured at the school.

In order to make sure that your claim has a strong likelihood of success it would be in your best interests to seek legal advice from a personal injury solicitor as soon as possible. A solicitor will check any evidence that has been collected, and will provide assistance with obtaining other proof to support your claim for compensation for a riding school injury. In compensation claims from horse school accidents a solicitor will also calculate your maximum entitlement to compensation for your injury and will take all the required steps to ensure that your claim is successfully resolved.