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Compensation for Hospital Patient with Bed Sores

Is it possible for my diabetic mother to claim compensation for hospital patient with bed sores after a recent stay in hospital where she developed bed sores that later got infected?

It may be possible for your diabetic mother to claim compensation for hospital patient with bed sores. Bed sores are caused by leaving a patient lying in the same position for a prolonged period of time. Additionally, diabetic people are more at risk for developing bed sores. This is something that hospital staff should have been well aware of, so special care should have been given to your mother by hospital staff to ensure that your mother did not develop bed sores from hospital. Preventing these from developing can include taking such actions as providing special pillows or products that can prevent sores from developing and provide relief for the patient, eating healthily and having regular assistance from hospital staff. Your mother should take note of what care the hospital did and did not provide as this will help to strengthen her hospital bed sores claim.

Your mother should be wary of any offers of hospital patient bed sores claim she gets from the hospital’s insurance company after they are made aware of the bed sores from hospital she has suffered. Such unsolicited offers of compensation are known as third party capture. Oftentimes they will not adequately account for the consequences of a medical negligence injury that has been sustained because they will not have had time to fully assess their injury. The reason why they make an offer, so soon after an injury is sustained, is so that they may catch the victim in a vulnerable position. Your mother may be more likely to accept such an offer because of this position she is in. However, accepting this offer will likely leave your mother short of money and help the insurance company save money in the amount of compensation they provide and also in legal fees. Furthermore, she should note that if the offer does end up being insufficient then it is not possible to return to the insurance company and request more.

Any offer of hospital patient bed sores compensation that is made to your mother should be presented to a personal injury claims solicitor with experience in dealing with compensation for hospital patient with bed sores claims. Your mother should inform them of the particular circumstances in which her bed sores were sustained and the severity of these sores. The solicitor will be able to assess the claim and inform your mother of whether or not she would be likely to receive more if she pursued a claim herself. They will then evaluate your mother’s claim based on a number of factors such as her age, sex and general state of health prior to the sores developing, the pain and suffering she experienced and the subsequent impact they have had on her life both financially and psychologically.

It is you mother’s best interest to contact a solicitor at the first possible moment to discuss her compensation for hospital patient with bed sores claim. They will be able to provide her with more specific information than what is provided here and also advise her on how best to proceed with her potential claim.