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How Much Compensation Will I Get for my Injury

I recently lost a leg in an accident which resulted in significant alterations to my life. How much compensation will I get for my injury?

After sustaining an injury in an accident, the question many people ask is “how much compensation will I get for my injury?” However this is not always easy to determine, and your compensation for an injury claim will be calculated by a number of factors which will differ for each individual. This means that even for the same injury, one person may be entitled to far more compensation than another. For this reason you are advised to consult a personal injury solicitor in order to determine your settlement for an injury, which will include the following aspects:

  • When determining “how much compensation will I get for my injury”, general damages should be included in order to provide compensation for the nature of the injury you have sustained, the pain and suffering which has been caused by your injury and the manner in which your injury is likely to affect you in the long-term. This figure will then be adjusted in order to take your age, gender and general state of health into account, as a missing leg will affect a young healthy woman more than an older male who is a long-term smoker.
  • Your compensation for an injury claim will then include special damages, which will consider any financial expenses you have incurred because of your injury. This can include medical costs, the price of alternative transport if you previously drove but can no longer do so and the cost of refitting your home if a wheelchair is required. If you can no longer work on account of your injury, the lost income you have experienced can also be included in your compensation.
  • The question of “how much compensation will I get for my injury” can be greatly influenced by damages for loss of amenity. This provides compensation for the manner in which your injury has resulted in any deterioration of your livelihood. For instance, if you previously collected your children from school every day but can no longer do so, this may be compensated in your loss of amenity. It is also possible that your injury means you can no longer partake in social or leisure activities, although this may depend on how active you were. This means a person who frequently played tennis would be entitled to more compensation than a person who spent their free time in front of the television.
  • Your settlement for an injury will include damages for psychological trauma if this can be verified by a qualified psychiatrist. This may have occurred as a result of the nature of the accident itself or due to anxiety and depression while incapacitated by your injury.

As can be seen above, various factors will determine the settlement for an injury you may be entitled to claim. It is important to note that insurance companies often offer compensation to the victims of accidents which are far lower than they may otherwise be entitled to claim. If this offer is accepted, it will not be possible to pursue further compensation for an injury claim — even if you do not have enough to pay medical bills or provide for your family. For this reason, you are advised to first consult a solicitor in order to establish “how much compensation will I get for my injury”.