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UK Brain Injury Claims

In the UK, brain injury claims for compensation are often difficult due to the complexity of the brain and the consequences that a brain injury can have on the victim´s quality of life. Compensation for brain injury has to account for the secondary victims of such a tragedy – those who have to care for the accident victim and may be deprived of the joy of a parent, sibling or child. If you, or somebody close to you, have sustained a brain injury in an accident for which you were not wholly to blame, speak with a brain injury claims solicitor on our freephone helpline to get practical and individual advice about making brain injury claims in the UK.

British Woman Awarded Au$12 Million Compensation for Quadbike Injuries

July 20, 2016

A British woman has been awarded Au$12 million compensation for quadbike injuries she sustained while herding cattle on a dairy farm in Tasmania.

Holly Raper from Chorley in Lancashire was on a backpacking holiday in Australia in December 2011, when she took a job at the King Island Dairy Farm in Tasmania. Shortly after she started working at the farm, Holly – who was twenty-one years of age at the time – was asked to round up cattle using a quadbike.

Tragically, while herding the cattle, Holly had an accident and fell from the vehicle. She suffered a catastrophic brain injury that left her in a coma for several months. Due to the severity of the injury, Holly is now quadriplegic and requires around-the-clock care due to not be able to communicate or feed herself.

After being flown home in Chorley in March 2013, Holly´s parents claimed compensation for quadbike injuries from the owners of the King Island Dairy Farm – David and Jocelyn Bowden. The Bowden´s denied responsibility for Holly´s injuries and contested the claim for compensation for quadbike injuries on the grounds that Holly´s accident had been caused by her own lack of care.

However, solicitors investigating the accident found that the quadbike had several defects including faulty brakes, a worn steering mechanism and a rear wheel fitted back to front. It was also discovered that Holly had not been given a helmet to wear or instructed on how to ride the quadbike over the terrain.

A hearing to resolve the claim for compensation for quadbike injuries was scheduled for April; and, as Holly´s medical experts were located in the UK, Judge Steven Estcourt flew to Manchester to hear three weeks of testimony. When the hearing concluded in Hobart, Judge Estcourt found in Holly´s favour – finding the Bowden´s negligent and liable for her injuries.

After dismissing the claims of contributory negligence, the judge awarded Holly Au$12 million compensation for quadbike injuries. After deductions for legal costs and the support she has already received from the Tasmanian Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Tribunal, the balance will be put into a UK trust to pay for Holly´s future care.

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Compensation for Injuries in a Cycling Accident Approved

November 17, 2015

The High Court has approved a settlement of compensation for injuries in a cycling accident in favour of a former journalist injured on her way to work.

On 4th November 2011, Mary Bowers (31) – a journalist for The Times – was cycling to work at the News International building in Wapping, East London. As she stopped at a red light on Dock Street – 90 metres from her workplace – a 33 tonne lorry pulled up behind her. Unfortunately, the driver of the lorry – Petre Beiu – was distracted by a mobile phone call and failed to engage the handbrake.

As Mary waited for the lights to change, the lorry rolled over her – causing Mary to suffer a severe brain injury, two broken legs, a severed artery, a punctured lung, a broken arm and a broken pelvis. Emergency services arrived at the scene within minutes, but Mary fell into a coma. She is now only minimally conscious and reside in a rehabilitation unit in Brentwood, Essex.

Following a police investigation, Beiu was found guilty of careless driving, fined £2,700 and disqualified from driving for eight months. Following Beiu´s conviction at Snaresbrook Crown Court in December 2012, Mary´s father – Peter – claimed compensation for injuries in a cycling accident on behalf of his critically injured daughter.

At the High Court in London, Mr Justice Supperstone heard how Mary was a bright and intelligent woman with a promising career at The Times ahead of her. The judge also heard that, on the day of the accident, Mary had been wearing a cycling helmet and a high-visibility jacket, and that she had remained in a designated cycling lane before moving into the cyclist stopping box at the traffic lights.

The judge was told that the undisclosed settlement of compensation for injuries in a cycling accident – funded by Beiu´s insurance company – would be used to move Mary into a private bungalow and to provide lifelong care and therapy. Judge Supperstone said that he had no hesitation in approving the settlement.

Speaking after the approval hearing, Peter Bowers told his local newspaper: “The impact of Mary’s injuries has been devastating to her – her career was flourishing and she had her whole life ahead of her. We are relieved that now she will have access to vital funds which will help go toward specialist treatment to help and support her through her ongoing rehabilitation.”

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High Court Approves Settlement of Motorbike Crash Injury Compensation Claim

November 7, 2015

The High Court has approved the settlement of a motorbike crash injury compensation claim made on behalf of a catastrophically injured motorcyclist.

Forty-eight year old Anthony Royle and his pillion passenger were riding along the A54 near Chester on 20th September 2012, when they approached a stationary row of traffic. Anthony continued travelling at 60mph as he started overtaking the row of traffic, but he failed to notice the protruding ploughshare attachment on a tractor that was turning into a field.

Anthony and his pillion passenger met the ploughshare attachment at head height, and both were knocked unconscious due to the impact. Anthony´s bike continued a further 150 metres down the road before coming to rest on the grass verge.

As a result of the accident, Anthony suffered a catastrophic brain injury. He has significant permanent disabilities and will never be able to lead an independent life. On his behalf, a motorbike crash injury compensation claim was made against the owners of the farm to which the tractor belonged – GA and S Broster and Son.

It was alleged in the claim that the tractor was being driven by a seventeen-year-old farm employee; who, although he had a license to drive the tractor, did not have sufficient experience to manoeuvre the attachment safely – which had been across the white line in the road at the time Anthony had driven into it.

Liability was admitted by the farm owners, but their solicitors argued that Anthony had contributed to his injury by failing to give the tractor a wide berth when overtaking it. A compromise settlement of the motorbike crash injury compensation claim was negotiated that will Anthony with the care he needs for the rest of his life.

As the motorbike crash injury compensation claim was made on Anthony´s behalf, the settlement package had to be approved by a judge to make sure it was in his best interests. Consequently, at the High Court in London, Mr Justice Jay was told the circumstances of Anthony´s accident and the settlement package of compensation that was being proposed.

Approving the settlement, the judge said that, bearing in mind all the factors and the possibility of being considered partially responsible for his injuries, the settlement could have been better, but it could also have been worse.

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Claim for a Car Crash Traumatic Brain Injury Resolved in Court

October 21, 2015

A young man´s claim for a car crash traumatic brain injury has been resolved at the High Court with the approval of a £4.3 million compensation settlement.

In March 2009, seventeen-year-old Jack Mitchell from South London was the front seat passenger in a friend´s Fiat Punto, when the friend swerved his car to avoid hitting an animal and crashed. Jack sustained multiple injuries in the crash, and was taken to hospital where he was diagnosed with a broken leg, severe lacerations to his head and a traumatic brain injury.

Jack remained in hospital for three months before being transferred to a rehabilitation unit. However, his treatment at the rehabilitation unit lasted only three weeks before he was discharged.  Due to the lack of sufficient rehabilitation treatment, Jack has significant concentration problems and behavioural difficulties and he suffers from extreme fatigue.

Through his mother – Frances Mitchell – Jack made a claim for a car crash traumatic brain injury against the driver of the Fiat Punto. In his legal action, Jack alleged that the negligent manoeuvre by his friend was responsible for his injury. Liability was conceded by the driver´s insurance company, but Jack´s family were followed by agents of the insurance company while the settlement of the claim was being negotiated.

Ultimately, a settlement of the claim for a car crash traumatic brain injury was agreed, which consists of an immediate lump sum and annual tax-free, index-linked payments for the remainder of Jack´s life. The total value of the settlement is estimated at £4.3 million and, as the claim was made on behalf of a claimant unable to represent themselves, the case went to the High Court in London so it could be approved by a judge.

At the High Court, Mrs Justice Whipple heard the circumstances of the accident and that Jack is now living in a residential rehabilitation centre in Banstead, Surrey. The judge approved the structured settlement of the claim for a car crash traumatic brain injury and paid tribute to Jack´s family for the care and support they had provided for him over the past six years. Mrs Justice Whipple then closed the hearing and wished Jack all the best for the future.

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Settlement of Compensation for a Brain Injury in a Car Crash Approved in Court

July 30, 2015

A multi-million pounds settlement of compensation for a brain injury in a car crash in favour of a twenty-one man has been approved in the High Court.

On 7th August 2010, Josh Humphrey (16) from Bognor Regis in West Sussex was a passenger in a car that was involved in a head-on crash with a lorry on the A272 Billingshurst Road. Josh was airlifted to hospital with a traumatic brain injury, while one of the other passengers in the crumpled vehicle – Kirsty Hicks (16) from Slinford in West Sussex – died six days later from her injuries.

Josh received treatment for his traumatic brain injury at several different hospitals and rehabilitation centres over the next few months, before being discharged to live with his parents in a specially adapted bungalow. The driver of the car – Laura Stocker (18) – was charged with causing death by careless driving and given a suspended custodial sentence the following February at Chichester Crown Court.

Josh´s mother – Steph Humphrey – claimed compensation for a brain injury in a car crash against Stocker on her son´s behalf; and, as Stocker had been convicted for causing the crash, her insurance company admitted liability for Josh´s injuries quickly. Nonetheless, it took several years before an acceptable settlement of compensation could be agreed upon.

As Josh had been a legal minor at the time the claim was made on his behalf, the settlement of compensation for a brain injury in a car crash – believed to consist of a seven-figure lump sum payments and annual payments thereafter – had to be approved by a court to ensure that it was in Josh´s best interests.

Consequently, earlier this week, the circumstances of the car crash, Josh´s brain injury and the settlement of the claim were heard at the High Court. The settlement of compensation for a brain injury in a car crash was approved; after which Steph Humphrey had this to say to her local press: “We are grateful this aspect is now over. Nothing will take away Josh’s terrible difficulties but at least we no longer have the huge financial worries that arise as a result of brain injury.”

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Family Successful in Swimming Pool Injury Compensation Claim

February 20, 2015

A family from Basildon in Essex is celebrating the success of a swimming pool injury compensation claim that has taken almost fifteen years to resolve.

In 2000, Annie Woodland (now 24) attended the Whitmore Junior School in Basildon as a ten-year-old schoolgirl. Swimming lessons were included as part of the school´s curriculum but, when Annie took part in a lesson at the nearby Gloucester Park Pool, she got into difficulties and nearly drowned.

Annie was pulled from the pool and resuscitated, but she suffered brain damage due to a lack of oxygen and has since suffered from learning difficulties.

Annie´s father – Ian – made a swimming pool injury compensation claim against Essex County Council alleging that swimming teacher Paula Burlinson and the lifeguard on duty Deborah Maxwell had been negligent in the care of his daughter and that the education authority was vicariously liable.

Essex County Council denied it was responsible for Annie´s swimming pool injury and, in 2011, the High Court ruled in the council´s favour. Ian appealed the decision, and took the swimming pool injury compensation claim to the Court of Appeal.

At the Court of Appeal, Lord Justice Tomlinson said that finding in Annie´s favour would have “a chilling effect on the willingness of education authorities to provide valuable experiences for their pupils”, and he upheld the High Court´s verdict.

Ian continued his battle for compensation and, in 2012, was successful in his appeal to the Supreme Court – Lord Sumption finding that Essex County Council had a non-delegable duty of care “in the capacity of loco parentis”.

However, the breach in Essex County Council´s duty of care still had to be established, and the case returned to the High Court where Mr Justice Blake was told the circumstances of Annie´s swimming pool accident and the alleged negligence of swimming teacher Paula Burlinson and lifeguard Deborah Maxwell.

Judge Blake found that the two defendants were negligent in their duty of care towards Annie. He said that Paula Burlinson´s failure to notice Annie´s distress “fell below the standard of care reasonably to be reasonably expected of a teacher”, and that Deborah Maxwell “was not paying sufficient attention to users in the water”.

Mr Justice Blake adjourned the swimming pool injury compensation claim in order that an assessment of Annie´s future needs can be carried out. When the assessment is completed, the judge will determine how much compensation for a swimming pool injury Annie will be entitled to receive.

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Settlement of Injury Claim for Bike Accident Abroad Approved in Court

November 22, 2013

A motorcyclist, who was left in a coma after a collision with a tractor in Germany, has had the settlement of his injury claim for a bike accident abroad approved at Birmingham High Court.

The motorcyclist – thirty-nine year old Shane Booth from Solihull in the West Midlands – was on a biking holiday in Germany, and returning to his accommodation in Baden-Baden, when the accident occurred in August 2009.

As Shane and a colleague were driving down the B500 Schwarzwaldhochstrasse from the Nurburgh Ring, a tractor turned left immediately across Shane´s path – leaving him nowhere to go except straight into the side of the tractor.

Shane suffered severe brain damage, internal injuries and multiple fractures in the collision and remained in a coma in a German hospital for several weeks before regaining consciousness and being flown back to Coventry Hospital to continue his recovery.

As soon as he was well enough, he was transferred to Leamington Spa Rehabilitation Hospital, where he underwent an intensive rehabilitation program to help him recover his speech and to help him learn to walk again.

Shane made an injury claim for a bike accident abroad against the driver of the tractor – who a police investigation had found responsible for causing the accident and who was convicted of causing bodily harm by negligence.

With liability not in doubt, the only issue that had to be resolved was to ensure that Shane received sufficient compensation to cover his medical costs, the value of his personal injury and the loss of earnings the former IBM sales director sustained.

A figure of £6.1 million was agreed in settlement of Shane´s injury claim for a bike accident abroad and last week the settlement was approved by Birmingham High Court. Shane said after the court hearing “While I do get frustrated with needing support to do simple tasks, looking back at pictures of me, I recognise how extremely lucky I am to even be alive”.

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Claim for Brain Injury at Birth Resolved after Court Hearing

September 24, 2013

A young girl´s claim for a brain injury at birth which led her to sustain athetoid cerebral palsy has been resolved after a court hearing.

Ruby Curtis (now eight years old) was born at St James Hospital in Leeds on 28th August 2005 after having been deprived of oxygen prior to her delivery when medical staff administered drugs to bring on her mother´s contractions and failed to notice that her mother´s uterus had ruptured.

Ruby´s delivery was subsequently delayed and she was born suffering from athetoid cerebral palsy – a type of cerebral palsy which shows as involuntary muscle movements in her head and body and all four of her limbs. Ruby is unable to speak and communicates through eye movements.

Ruby´s mother – Lisa Curtis from Garforth in West Yorkshire – gave up work after Ruby´s birth as she requires full-time assistance in every element of daily life; from eating and drinking to personal care and education. Now that she is a little older, Ruby attends the Percy Hedley School for children with cerebral palsy near Newcastle.

Through her parents, Ruby made a claim for a brain injury at birth and, after the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust admitted their “majority” liability for Ruby´s birth injuries, a compensation settlement was negotiated that will see Ruby receive a £2.95 million lump sum now with future payments of compensation for a brain injury at birth paid annually.

At the Leeds High Court, Judge Mark Gosnell heard an apology read out by a representative of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to the family which the judge hoped would give the Ruby´s parents some “sense of closure”.

Approving the settlement of compensation for a brain injury at birth, the judge noted that the funds would be paid into and administered by the Court of Protection, adding that now the claim for brain injury at birth was resolved the compensation should secure “a better family life for both you and Ruby”.

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Judge Approves Cyclist Injury Compensation for Brain Damaged Teenager

August 16, 2013

A High Court judge has approved a settlement of cyclist injury compensation for a man who suffered severe brain damage in a 2005 cycling accident.

Toby Phethean-Hubble from Knowle in Shropshire was just sixteen years of age when he attempted to cycle across the road outside the Whitchurch Leisure Centre in November 2005, and was hit by a car being driven by teenager Sam Coles.

Toby was thrown over the car in the incident and hit his head on the road when he landed – sustaining severe brain injuries from which it was considered he may not survive. However, following an operation to place a titanium plate into his skull, and years of determined physiotherapy, Toby is now able to walk with the aid of a frame.

Coles – who was driving his mother´s automatic for the first time after passing his driving test eight days earlier – told police investigating the accident that he had seen Toby cycling along the pavement, but was unable to prevent the collision when Toby left the pavement. He also confessed to driving at 35 miles per hour – 5 miles per hour over the speed limit.

Through his parents Toby claimed cyclist injury compensation against Coles, but Coles´ insurance company denied liability for their policyholder on the grounds that Toby was responsible for causing the accident. The Phethean-Hubble family pursued the cyclist injury compensation claim through the courts and, on March 2011, Judge Wilcox found in Toby´s favour – although reducing any compensation settlement by 33% to account for Toby´s contributory negligence.

Coles´ insurers appealed Judge Wilcox´s decision and, in April 2012, the Appeal Court increased the amount of Toby´s contributory negligence 50%. The case was subsequently adjourned for the assessment of damages and, last week at the High Court, Mr Justice Stewart approved a £5.3 million settlement of cyclist injury compensation that will allow Toby to continue receiving the specialist care he needs at a North Devon rehabilitation centre.

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Woman to Receive Compensation for Catastrophic Injuries in a Motorbike Accident

July 20, 2013

A Brazilian woman is to receive £7 million compensation for catastrophic injuries in a motorbike accident after a hearing at London´s High Court.

Barbara Oliva from Sao Paulo in Brazil was sightseeing London with her husband – Andre – as part of an extended honeymoon in 2008, when a car erratically driven by Yusef Mahmoud, of Southwark, London, hit their Honda while they were driving down the Embankment and knocked Barbara from the bike.

Despite wearing a crash helmet, Barbara suffered severe brain damage – due to which she can no longer walk and has difficulty communicating – and had to return to Brazil where she is now cared for by her mother. Barbara and Andre separated shortly after the accident.

Through her mother, Barbara (26) made a claim for compensation for catastrophic injuries in a motorbike accident against Mahmoud – who had been found guilty of causing the accident by reckless driving.

Mahmoud´s insurance company accepted liability for Barbara´s injuries and made several interim payments of compensation to her family; however, at the High Court in London, Mr Justice Lewis was told that a final settlement of compensation for catastrophic injuries in a motorbike accident had now been agreed upon.

Approving the settlement, Mt Justice Lewis said that the amount of £7 million was just and reasonable in the circumstances, and the judge also praised Barbara´s mother – Edna – for the care she had provided for her daughter since the tragic accident.

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Teenager Recovers Compensation for Personal Injuries from an Inflatable Ring Accident

May 30, 2013

A nineteen-year-old girl, who suffered devastating injuries five years ago in a boating accident on the River Orwell, is to receive £1.37 million in compensation for personal injuries from an inflatable ring accident.

Rebecca Coles from Langdon Hills near Basildon in Essex was just fourteen years of age when she suffered devastating head injuries on the River Orwell in 2008. As Rebecca was being towed by a powerboat while sitting in an inflatable ring behind, the driver of the boat took evasive action to avoid an oncoming yacht and his actions caused the inflatable ring to swing into the hull of a moored boat.

Rebecca was taken to Addenbrooke´s Hospital in Cambridge, where she underwent surgery to have a titanium plate inserted into her skull. Because of the extensive brain damage she had suffered, Doctors told Rebecca that she would never walk again. Rebecca´s peripheral vision also suffered as a result of the inflatable ring accident and she lost 40 percent hearing in her right ear because of her injuries.

As Rebecca was fourteen years of age at the time, a claim for compensation for personal injuries from an inflatable ring accident made through her father – Steve Coles – against the insurers of the boat´s driver. At the High Court in London, Mr Justice Teare was told that an agreement had been reached to settle the inflatable ring injury compensation claim for £1.37 million and the case was before him for approval of damages.

Mr Justice Teare also heard that, since the inflatable ring accident, Rebecca has undergone specialist rehabilitation and intensive physiotherapy at Tadworth Children´s Trust which enabled her to walk a mile in the London Marathon in 2010. Rebecca also achieved high GCSE grades at school so that she now studies events management at college. Approving the settlement of compensation for personal injuries from an inflatable ring accident, the judge wished Rebecca well for her studies and her life following her studies.

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Personal Injury Compensation for a Car Accident Abroad Approved in Court

May 18, 2013

A man who was left in a coma after being hit by a car in Rome has had a settlement of injury compensation for a car accident abroad approved in court.

James Kennedy (now 37 years of age) was on vacation in Rome with friends when, on 14 January 2006, the recruitment consultant from Gosforth in Newcastle was hit by a car while trying to cross the Corso Vittorio Emmanuele in Rome´s ‘Eternal City’.

James was taken to the city´s Santo Spirito Hospital, where he remained in a coma for ten months suffering from catastrophic brain injuries and multiple fractures. Although now considered by his doctors to be ‘mentally acute’, James´ physical injuries mean that he is confined to a wheelchair and he also suffers from poor memory and a lack of concentration due to the brain damage he sustained in the accident.

Because of his inability to focus for long periods of time, James made a person injury claim for a car accident abroad through his mother Elaine against the driver of the vehicle – Father John Cole of Merthyr Tydfil.

Father Cole´s insurance company initially contested the claim on the grounds that James had been wearing dark clothing on the night of the accident and had ‘kept no proper lookout’ before stepping out into the street.

A negotiated agreement was reached in October 2009, in which the insurance company accepted 80 percent liability for James´ injuries and the person injury claim for a car accident abroad was adjourned for the assessment of damages.

An interim payment of injury compensation for a car accident abroad was paid to James earlier this year to enable him to move into a more suitable home and, at the High Court in London, Mr Justice Bean approved a final settlement of a £3 million lump sum and index-linked, tax-free payments of £210,000 every year to pay for the cost of the care and support James will need for the rest of his life.

The judge ordered that the settlement of injury compensation for a car accident abroad be managed by the Court of Protection and commented  that James risked having a bigger percentage deducted from the settlement for his contributory negligence had the case been resolved by a trial.

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Child Pedestrian Injury Claim Settled Out of Court

May 13, 2013

A young man from Birmingham is reported to have been awarded more than £1 million in compensation after his child pedestrian injury claim was settled out of court.

Lee Edge from Kings Heath in Birmingham made the child pedestrian injury claim after being hit by a car when he was twelve years of age in January 2005. The driver of the car was subsequently convicted of driving without due care and attention, but Lee suffered from poor memory, a lack of concentration and fatigue throughout his teens as a result of his injuries.

Through his mother – Sandra – Lee made a child pedestrian injury claim against the driver of the vehicle and, although details of the final settlement have not been made public, it is reported that Lee will receive more than £1 million in compensation.

Despite his injuries, Lee (now 21 years of age) achieved sufficiently high grades to attend a local college where he now studies Business Administration.

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Brain Injury Claim made against the NHS Resolved Out of Court

March 23, 2013

A thirteen-year-old boy´s brain injury claim made against the NHS has been resolved out of court with the young child due to receive £7.3 million in compensation.

The parents of Robbie Crane from Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire made the brain injury claim against the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust after their son suffered brain damage following an operation to reverse a congenital heart problem Robbie had been born with several days earlier.

Although the complicated surgery to transpose the great arteries was successful, Robbie suffered brain damage while recovering from the operation at the Harefield Hospital in Hertfordshire because a ventilator keeping him alive had not been adjusted properly.

Robbie´s brain damage injury resulted in cerebral palsy, learning difficulties, behavioural problems and epilepsy. Consequently Robbie needs constant intense supervision and will never be able to lead an independent life due to having no sense of danger.

The Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust – against whom the brain injury claim against the NHS was made – denied liability for Robbie´s injuries, but made an out of court offer of compensation based on 70 percent of what the court assessed Robbie required to provide care for the rest of his life.

Although the brain injury claim against the NHS was made by Robbie´s parents and the offer of settlement was made out of court, the award still had to be approved by a judge as Robbie is under the age of eighteen.

After hearing the circumstances of the case and the NHS Trust´s legal representative acknowledge that “things could have been done differently and better”, Mr Justice Tugendhat approved the settlement agreement at the High Court in London – paying tribute to Robbie´s parents for the devotion they had given their son.

Under the terms of the out of court settlement, Robbie will receive a substantial lump sum immediately as well as annual, index-linked and tax-free payments to cover the costs of his care for as long as he lives. With his anticipated life expectancy, the total settlement of his brain injury claim made against the NHS is valued at £7.3 million.

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300,000 Pounds Award for Pedestrian Brain Injury Victim

October 24, 2011

The family of a father of two, who suffered brain damage when hit by a speeding car, has agreed a 300,000 pounds road accident injury compensation settlement with the negligent driver´s insurers.

Zahid Hussain (30) of Blackburn, Lancashire, was crossing the road close to his home in March 2007 when he was hit by a silver Volkswagen Golf and was left fighting for his life after sustaining four fractures to his skull and swelling on the brain.

Although Mr Hussain has partly recovered from his injuries, he still suffers cognitive and psychological problems and has had to move from the family home in Blackpool to his parent’s home in London.

In the High Court in London, Judge Alison Hampton QC heard that the two parties had reached an agreement on the amount of compensation that should be paid and, approving the settlement said that “I hope the money can be put to good use, and in the best interests of the claimant.”

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20 Year Wait for Birth Accident Compensation

October 12, 2010

An unnamed twenty-year-old man, who suffered acute brain damage due to oxygen starvation during his mother’s labour, has had a birth accident compensation settlement of 1.25 million pounds approved in the High Court.

Mr Justice Foskett heard how the man, who was suing through his parents, had suffered the injury at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow due to medical staff’s delay in carrying out a caesarean delivery.

The court heard how the unnamed man has the mental age of a young child, experiences difficulty walking and requires constant care and attention.

The hospital agreed the award without accepting liability

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