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UK Shop Injury Claims

In the UK, shop injury claims enable you to recover compensation for injuries sustained due to the negligence of a shopkeeper. Whether it is a slip on a wet floor, a trip in a shop aisle over a hazard which should not have been present or an injury caused by goods falling from a shelf – or just poorly maintained shelves – you may be eligible to make shop injury claims in the UK if you have suffered a injury which could have been avoided with adequate care and attention. Discuss the circumstances of your accident with a shop injury claims solicitor on our freephone helpline and receive a free assessment of your entitlement to shop injury compensation.

Smaller Compensation Claims for Personal Injuries to be Settled Quicker

August 5, 2013

Smaller compensation claims for personal injuries are to be settled quicker following reforms introduced by the Legal Aid, Sentencing & Punishment of Offenders Act which came into place on 1st August 2013.

The new Civil Procedure Rules governing court action in England and Wales have been amended in order to reduce the time it takes to settle personal injury claims with a value of up to £25,000 when a single party is responsible for an injury occurring and liability is admitted by their insurance company.

Not all compensation claims for personal injuries fall under the new rules – for example, claims for medical negligence still have to go through a lengthy process – but most claims for personal injuries in road traffic accidents, personal injuries sustained in an accident at work and those acquired in a place of public access (public liability claims) should be settled up to three months quicker than previously.

The reforms are being applied to the Ministry of Justice´s “claims portal” – a database on which solicitors register their clients´ claims – and whereas previously insurance companies could take twenty-one days to acknowledge receipt of a solicitor´s “Letter of Claim”, they now have to act within 24 hours.

Furthermore, insurance companies could previously take 90 days before informing a solicitor whether or not they accepted their policyholder´s responsibility for an accident and injury. They are now allowed only 30 days in the case of claims for personal injuries in road traffic accidents and public liability claims, and 40 days when a claimant has suffered an injury at work due to their employer´s negligence.

Should insurance companies fail to adhere to the new regulations, the claim will be removed from the Ministry of Justice´s claims portal and any increase in costs will have to be assumed by the insurance company irrespective of whether they successfully defend the claim or not.

The new rules apply to compensation claims for personal injuries in which an injury has been diagnosed on or after the 1st August, and only apply to injuries sustained in England and Wales that the claimant was not partly responsible for due to their own lack of care. Further exclusions apply to the reforms applied to compensation claims for personal injuries and therefore it is always in your best interests to discuss the nature of your accident and injury with a solicitor at the first moment possible.

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Girl Receives Compensation for Faulty Display Shop Injury

June 24, 2012

An 11-year-old girl, who badly cut her leg on a stand displaying cakes in Dunnes Stores, has had her settlement of compensation for faulty display shop injury approved at the Circuit Civil Court in Dublin.

The court heard how Jade Earls had been shopping in the Cornelscourt branch of Dunnes Stores on July 16, 2010. As she walked by a stand displaying cakes, Jade caught her leg on rusty nails exposed on a piece of wood which was hanging down from the display.

Judge Alan Mahon was told that Jade suffered a ten centimetre cut and a four centimetre laceration which – although it had healed – resulted in a permanent scar on her left leg. Through her mother – Fidelma – Jade made a claim for faulty display shop injury compensation against Dunnes Stores and the company responsible for the cake display stand – ABF Grain products of Grosvenor Street, London.

The judge was also advised that Dunnes Stores and ABF Grain Products had accepted liability for Jade´s accident on a 60/40 basis, and that an offer of compensation for faulty shop injury amounting to 12,000 Euros plus legal expenses had been made, which the family were willing to accept.

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Tesco Customer Injury Compensation Agreed for Pensioner

February 17, 2012

An eighty-year-old man, who fractured a metatarsal bone in his foot after slipping on a wet floor in Tesco, has agreed to a settlement of Tesco customer injury compensation after a two year wait.

Ronald Fryer from Worcestershire made a claim for Tesco customer injury compensation after he slipped at the entrance to the St. Peter´s Drive Tesco supermarket in Whittington in October 2009.

In addition to bringing his accident to the attention of the store management, Ronald went immediately to the Worcestershire Royal Hospital where X-rays revealed that he had fractured a metatarsal bone in his foot.

On his discharge from hospital, Ronald contacted a solicitor and established that he was able to make a foot injury claim against Tesco due to the supermarket´s negligence in failing to provide their customers with a safe environment in which to shop.

Tesco initially denied their liability for Ronald´s fractured metatarsal bone and declined to discuss his claim for Tesco customer injury compensation. However, prior to court proceedings being issued, Tesco made an undisclosed offer of Tesco customer injury compensation which Ronald accepted.

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Supermarket Injury Compensation for Slipping on Wet Surface in Shopping Centre

December 9, 2011

A woman, who sustained shoulder and hip injuries when slipping on the access bridge to a Leicestershire shopping centre, has secured supermarket injury compensation for slipping on a wet surface in a shopping centre.

Gweneth Bowler was at the Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester with her daughter when the accident happened in January 2011. The 64-year old grandmother was walking through a covered walkway which links the shopping centre car park with the stores, when she slipped on a wet surface and fractured her rights shoulder and hip in the fall.

While recovering from her injuries, Gweneth contacted Leicester City Council about the hazard, prompting the council to start a health and safety inspection. The inspection revealed a number of places where the owners of the shopping centre – Hammerson PLC – were failing in their health and safety obligations including a lack of cleaning to prevent the floor surface of the walkway from becoming slippery in bad weather.

After taking legal counsel, Gweneth filed a claim for supermarket injury compensation against Hammerson PLC and, with negligence by the owners already established, the claim was quickly resolved for an undisclosed sum.

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Compensation Falling Object in Shop Paid Out

December 3, 2011

A falling shop object in a shop has resulted in a €25,000 shop falling object compensation award in the Circuit Civil Court.

Breeda Redican was hurt in July 2009 when a tin of paint dropped on her foot from a shelf at the Homebase store in Santry, County Dublin. The incident occurred when Redican asked for help finding a specific type of paint from a sales assistant. The assistant showed the location of the paint but simply stood alongside Redican while she attempted to left the can of paint.

Redican was not able to lift the large paint tin and it slipped and fell on her right foot.  She was wearing flip-flops and required stitching on her toe and she has suffered ongoing lessened mobility in her foot with some pain.

Homebase denied any liability but Judge Jacquline Linnane awarded €25,000 compensation.

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Asda Slip and Fall Claim Settled

September 25, 2011

A second compensation personal injury claim for a slip and fall in Asda´s Rivergate store in Peterborough has been settled for an undisclosed sum.

This comes after Peterborough County Court finding in favour of Thomas Wardle earlier this year and awarded him 10,500 pounds after he injured his back when slipping on a grape.

On this occasion the victim was 74-year-old Patricia Hill of Orton Goldhay, who hurt her knee and ankle after slipping and falling on vegetables in a non-fruit and vegetable isle while shopping in May 2008. Mrs Hill was found to have a closed fracture of the tibial plateau when she arrived at Peterborough General Hospital and had to remain in hospital for 5 days.

Three years of treatment later, Mrs Hill still suffers discomfort in her knee and ankle, and doctors have told her that she is likely to need knee replacement surgery in the near future and has a 50 per cent chance of developing osteoarthritis. Mrs Hill has no family living near her in Peterborough, and has had to rely on friends and paid help to help her with household and personal errands during her rehabilitation.

Asda agreed to a “substantial” out-of-court settlement, the details of which Mrs Hill did not wish to reveal, but the same supermarket store has another slip and fall injury claim to contend with which is due to be heard in Peterborough County Court later this year.

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Slip in Asda Store Results in 10,500 Pounds Shop Injury Claims Compensation

June 5, 2011

An Asda shopper, who slipped on a grape and injured his back, has won a three year fight for shop injury claims compensation.

Thomas Wardle of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, was shopping in the Rivergate branch of Asda in January 2008, when he slipped on a grape that had been left lying in an aisle and fell to the floor – badly injuring himself.

After taking legal advice, Thomas sued Asda – claiming that their lack of cleanliness had caused pain and suffering – and, at Peterborough County Court, a judge ruled in Thomas´ favour, awarding him 10,500 pounds in compensation and criticising the supermarket´s general record on health and safety.

The judge´s verdict may influence two further actions scheduled to be heard in Peterborough County Court later this year – both against the Rivergate branch of Asda, and both for injuries sustained due to a lack of cleanliness in January 2008

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Work Injury Award of 9,600 Pounds After Fall at Early Learning Centre

February 4, 2011

A shop worker, who fell from a ladder while trying to retrieve a toy tractor for a customer, has been awarded 9,600 pounds in work injury compensation in a court action against her former employees.

Elizabeth McLachan, 40, was working at the Early Learning Centre in Parkhead Forge, Glasgow, in October 2007, when asked by a colleague for assistance in reaching a box that had been placed at the rear of a shelf.

Having unsuccessfully managed to reach it herself, Elizabeth – a mother of two – decided to get down from the ladder she was using to reposition it at a more suitable angle. However, during her descent she slipped and sustained soft tissue injuries to her lower back, calf and elbow.

It was discovered that the legs of the ladder were splayed and it was not suitable for the task. Elizabeth telephoned her manager to report the accident and then sought medical treatment at the A&E in Wishaw, Glasgow – returning to work the following Monday despite her injuries.

The court heard that although many of her injuries have now healed, Elizabeth still suffered pain in her lower back which prevented her from walking or driving for long periods of time without needed a rest. She also experiences issues in caring for her disabled husband and has to rely on her two teenage daughters for help with the housework and the shopping.

The Early Learning Centre company admitted liability for Elizabeth’s injuries due to their breach of the Work at Height Regulations.

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Marks and Spencers Compensate Supermarket Slip Victim

September 6, 2010

An elderly customer has been awarded 7,500 pounds in supermarket compensation after breaking her hip when slipping on a prawn cocktail in her local Marks and Spencers store.

Janet Morritt, 71, from Perth, Scotland, was grocery shopping at the Marks and Spencer store in High Street, Perth, when she slipped on a greasy mixture of water and a prawn cocktail which had leaked from a close by chilled food cabinet.

Janet crashed to the floor, breaking her hip and requiring the insertion of a plate and screws during the resulting eight days spent in hospital. She now has to walk with the help of a stick and requires a wheelchair if making long journeys.

The MacMillan Cancer volunteer sought legal advice and sued Marks and Spencers for “fault and negligence”, alleging that it was their duty to take reasonable care for the safety of their customers and not expose them to unnecessary risk of injury.

Marks and Spencers disputed the supermarket compensation claim, stating that Janet had a duty to watch where she placed her feet, however Perth Sheriff Court ruled out the counterclaim of contributory negligence and found against the chain store – awarding Janet 7,500 pounds compensation.

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