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Woman Settles Claim for Being Injured in Zebra Crossing Accident

October 9, 2014

A woman, who sustained broken limbs when she was hit by a car as she crossed a city centre street, has settled her claim for being injured in a zebra crossing accident for an undisclosed amount.

Janet Churchley (57) was stepping out onto a zebra crossing on Carr Lane in the city centre of Hull when, in December 2011, she was hit by a car. The impact of the car hitting Janet´s leg caused it to break and, due to the way in which she fell back onto the road, Janet´s arm was also broken in the accident.

An ambulance was called and paramedics treated Janet with gas and air before taking her to the Royal Hull Infirmary by ambulance where she underwent surgery to ensure that the broken bones in her arms and legs would heal correctly. Janet was subsequently confined to a wheel chair for three months.

During her recovery period, Janet had to keep her leg outstretched and was totally dependent on her husband for carrying out routine chores such as washing and dressing. Janet had to sleep downstairs on the sofa because it was the only way she could sleep comfortably and attended her son´s wedding in the wheelchair.

It was almost a year later that Janet was able to return to work; and then she found that she was only able to work part-time. She also found that she became anxious whenever she was about to cross a road and – after seeking legal advice – Janet made a compensation claim for being injured in a zebra crossing accident.

Despite the negligent car driver acknowledging that he had been distracted on the approach to the zebra crossing, and that his lack of care had been responsible for Janet´s injuries, his insurance company disputed how much compensation Janet was claiming in relation to her loss of earnings.

An interim payment of compensation was organised in order that Janet would not be out of pocket and, after a period of protracted negotiations, the insurance company finally settled Janet´s claim for being injured in a zebra crossing accident for an undisclosed five-figure amount.