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Woman Recovers Compensation for an Accident on a Rented Bicycle

July 8, 2016

A woman, who suffered cut and bruises when the brakes on her bike failed, has recovered a settlement of compensation for an accident on a rented bicycle.

Phyllis Bright (21) – a third-year nursing student from Lincolnshire – visited the Upper Derwent Valley in the Peak District with her boyfriend in July 2013. The couple hired bicycles from the Peak District National Park Visitor Centre by the Fairholmes car park, and set off to enjoy a day´s cycling.

Soon after the couple left the Visitor Centre, they encountered a steep hill running down to the Abbey Brooke Bridge. AS Phyllis started freewheeling down the hill, she realised that her brakes were not working and jumped from her bicycle to avoid cycling into the stone wall of the bridge.

As a result of falling onto the tarmacked surface of the road, Phyllis suffered multiple cuts and bruises to her legs, arms and chest. She was taken by ambulance to the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield, where stitches were applied to close the worst of the cuts and she received treatment for an injured jaw.

Due to her injured jaw, Phyllis was unable to eat without pain for two months. She also has visible scars on her chin, legs, arms and chest as a permanent reminder of her accident. Phyllis subsequently sought legal advice and claimed compensation for an accident on a rented bicycle against the Peak District National Park Authority.

In her legal action, Phyllis alleged that the rented bicycle had not been maintained property or given a safety check before she was allowed to ride it. The Peak District National Park Authority acknowledged the negligence of its employees at the visitor centre and settled Phyllis´ claim for compensation for an accident on a rented bicycle for a four-figure sum.

Speaking with the Sun newspaper after recovering the compensation, Phyllis said: “Realising I had no brakes halfway down a steep hill with a stone bridge at the bottom of it was a scary experience. I never thought I’d end the day in an ambulance on the way to hospital with cuts and bruises all over me. I’m glad I can now begin to put this all behind me and move on with my life after receiving a settlement from the park authority.”