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Solicitors Instructed to Pursue Compensation for an Injured Lorry Driver

August 11, 2015

Solicitors have been instructed to pursue compensation for an injured lorry driver who was badly hurt after helping a transit van driver pass his vehicle.

HGV driver John Finney (42) – from Harthill in South Yorkshire – was making a delivery to the Station Hotel in Finningley near Doncaster when, in April 2015, he interrupted his delivery to help a transit van driver manoeuvre passed his vehicle and into the hotel car park.

When he was satisfied that the transit van had cleared his lorry, John returned to unloading his HGV and started lowering the tail-lift. While he was focusing on the tail-lift, the transit van drove into John – pinning him against the tail-lift and then dragging him along its solid edge.

John was rushed to by ambulance to Doncaster Royal Infirmary suffering from back, leg and rib injuries. He remained in intensive care for eleven days and underwent two surgeries to remove his appendix and part of his bowel before being discharged.

John is still recovering from his injuries and has been unable to work since the accident. He is unlikely ever to enjoy his previous hobbies of keep-fit and motor cycling and finds everyday events difficult because of his ongoing pain – such as eating dinner with his family.

The van driver responsible for John´s accident was given seven penalty points and fined for his negligence. John then instructed solicitors to commence legal action and pursue compensation for an injured lorry driver to account for his pain and suffering, his loss of income and the cost of rehabilitation.

Speaking about his claim for compensation for an injured lorry driver, John said: “This incident has had a huge impact on my life as I can no longer do the things I have always enjoyed. I loved to keep fit and take part in charity walks, but I know that for the time-being those activities are a distant memory for me. I hope by speaking out it makes drivers think carefully about how they drive in future.”