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Bite Victim gets Compensation for being Mauled by Dog

July 2, 2014

A woman, who suffered cuts and bruises when she tried to prevent her dog being attacked by another, has been awarded £15,000 injury compensation for being mauled by a dog.

Rebecca Lambert was walking her puggle pup and westie along Lilly Hall Road in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, when a bull terrier off its lead ran towards her and her two dogs. Although the owner shouted a warning that the bull terrier was aggressive, Rebecca did not have enough time to lift her two dogs to safety, and the bull terrier started to attack her puggle.

Forty-one year old Rebecca tried to fight the bull terrier off from her dog, but the attack continued for 15 minutes – during which time Rebecca sustained cuts and bruises to her face, hands and thighs. It was only with the assistance from passers-by that the attack came to end, after which time the owner of the dog fled when the police arrived and an ambulance was called.

Fortunately one of the passer-bys was able to revive the puggle pup, and it was taken to the vets for life-saving surgery. The owner of the dog was traced after a police investigation, and he was charged with offences against the Animals Act 1971 – the bull terrier subsequently being put down.

Rebecca sought legal advice and claimed compensation for being mauled by a dog against the bull terrier´s owner. The owner admitted liability for the attack, and a settlement of compensation for being mauled by a dog was agreed to cover Rebecca´s physical and psychological injuries and the cost of the vet´s fees she had incurred.

Speaking after the claim for being mauled by a dog had been resolved, Rebecca´s solicitor told reporters that 6,000 people are injured in dog attacks annually, but not everyone is aware that it is possible to claim compensation for being mauled by a dog.