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Care Worker Receives Injury Compensation for a Fall Down a Lift Shaft

January 4, 2016

A care worker from Cardiff has received in excess of £50,000 injury compensation for a fall down a lift shaft at the care home at which she worked.

The tragic accident occurred on 6th March, 2012, when Carol Conway (52) was taking 96- year-old resident from her second floor bedroom at the Pontcanna House Care Home in Cardiff to the ground floor for her breakfast.

Carol wheeled Mrs Lewis to the door of the second floor lift and waited for it to arrive. When the bell indicated the lift had arrived, Carol unlocked the door to the lift and reversed Mrs Lewis´ wheelchair to back her into the lift.

Due to a technical fault, the platform of the lift had not moved from the ground floor. As Carol walked in backwards with Mrs Lewis, both fell twenty feet – Mrs Lewis dying from her injuries and Carol suffering multiple broken bones and internal injuries.

An investigation into the accident found that, just weeks before the accident, an engineer had locked the second floor lift access and considered it unfit for use. However, the owners of the care home – Shirwan and Nasik Al-Mufti – had allowed care workers to override the safety mechanism with an emergency access key.

Shirwan and Nasik Al-Mufti were fined £75,000 and ordered to pay £25,000 in costs by Cardiff Crown Court in August 2015 after being prosecuted by the HSE for breaches of health and safety regulations. With liability established for the accident, Carol sought legal advice and claimed injury compensation for a fall down a lift shaft.

Carol did not reveal to a local reporter the exact amount of the compensation settlement, but indicated it was in excess of £50,000 when she told him: “the money will never change that terrible day. I think about it constantly. My heart goes out to May and her family. I am so sorry she died the way she did – it´s tragic”.