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Injury Claim for a Concussion from a Fall in Morrisons

Am I eligible to pursue an injury claim for a concussion from a fall in Morrisons? I was recently discharged from hospital after suffering a concussion after a fall in my local supermarket and am eager to pursue action, although I am concerned that I may be found to have been partly at fault.

You may be able to pursue an injury claim for a concussion from a fall in Morrisons if you can prove that someone other than yourself was at least partially responsible for your accident. Supermarkets like Morrisons have a duty of care toward their customers and if they are found to have breached their duty, can be pursued for compensation.

Certainly, suffering a concussion is a serious event, and should be treated with proper diligence and caution. Ensuring that you visit a hospital — which you mentioned you have — is paramount, especially where head injuries are concerned. Leaving a concussion untreated can lead to serious consequences including persistent confusion, trouble walking and loss of consciousness. If you were not issued with a medical report of your injuries when you were discharged, you should return to the hospital to request one at the first possible opportunity. A full medical report will more than likely be requested by Morrisons if it is to pay out compensation.

As mentioned above, whether or not the accident was your fault or not will depend on proving that the supermarket failed in its duty of care. This duty, it should be noted, is not ‘absolute’ — meaning customers also have a duty to protect their own welfare. Inasmuch as it is possible that either you or the supermarket could be at fault, it is also possible that you will have share blame, meaning that you may still receive a settlement but it may be reduced to reflect your own role in your accident. This is known as ‘contributory negligence’.

By describing the details of your accident, a solicitor he will be able to tell you whether you may be eligible to pursue an compensation claim for a concussion from an accident in Morrisons.

Your solicitor will also be able to tell you whether you could be found to have contributed to your own shop concussion accident — it is vital that you disclose any factors which may lead to a decision of contributory negligence when you first speak with your solicitor.
Once your solicitor has been fully briefed on the particulars of your case, they may be able to tell you how much compensation for an injury claim for a concussion from a fall in Morrisons you may be entitled to, and what your chances of success are.